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  1. Most models, out of the box, can be built, painted and decaled in one of multiple choices, generally three. Towards the end of the instructions or on a separate color sheet, they'll have top/bottom/left/right pictures of each of these variants, showing the placements of all the decals and the paint colors of the major bits of the airplane. When the instructions say something like "paint with the fuselage color", they mean you're supposed to pick one of these variants and paint the bit with the color specified for the fuselage from the pictures for that variant. I'm not familiar with tha
  2. Given the lack of any information to confirm the purchase, I'm very skeptical of the sale. In retrospect, I shouldn't have posted my comment without any evidence. I apologize for that.
  3. One of the guys at my LHS told me today that Testors & Model Master has been sold by Rustoleum to PPG (ppg.com). I can't find anything online to confirm this, however.
  4. I've used the panel line accent stuff over Tamiya's gloss clear without any issues. What I've found works is to apply it over the gloss coat and let it dry (12+ hours). Then I'd use a cotton swab dipped into enamel thinner, squeeze out most of the excess onto a paper towel so the cotton is barely damp, and then go over the model slowly removing any overwash. I don't spend a lot of time in one place. Instead, for those stubborn spots, I'll let the model sit for an hour and then go over it again with a new swab. Note that Tamiya's paints (including their gloss clear) are acrylics and I'
  5. I'm currently building Tamiya's latest Spitfire, #61119. I've liked every Tamiya kit I've built so far, really good quality stuff. The same is true here, except for one bit. The kit comes with a "masking sheet" for the cockpit canopy. I've gotten to the point where I need to mask the canopy for painting and after a few minutes of picking at this masking sheet, I realized it's just a piece of masking paper with some lines printed on it. It's not pre-cut. I think the modeller is supposed to go over the lines with a knife and cut them out. Needless to say, I was really disappointed.
  6. This is Hasegawa’s Vanship in 1/72. https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0q5oqs3qcpRtc A Vanship is a flying machine from the anime TV series “Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing”. I actually saw the model first and was intrigued by the design, so I watched the series. It’s pretty good. What attracted me by the design was the mix of retro styling combined with a sci-fi element. It’s similar to steampunk, but instead of victorian era designs, this is looks more 1930s or so. I used Mr Hobby Surfacer for the primer. The metal bits towards the front were done using Mission Mod
  7. I'm coming back to the hobby after a hiatus. The last time I built anything, the internet existed but the world-wide-web did not. There wasn't any online shopping back then. Now, I'm amazed at all the stuff I can find out there. There's even a new genre or two (giant robots? really?). I used to do a lot of WW2 and modern era aircraft, but since returning, I've done some more fictional subjects. I've done a couple of Warhammer kits and a few kits based on anime subjects (but not the giant robots). I've not given up on the kits based on real subjects, and will probably return to them
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