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  1. PeteJ It could be just the other way around. Maybe subscriptions are keeping both barely solvent. Just a thought.
  2. I see several articles here about model car magazine dying, but have you looked at your last post date here on the model car section...Oct. 15th - YIKES. Is this forum dying or just gone to sleep
  3. What most of us realize is that much of our culture has gone into shock as the baby-boomers are retiring in mass and the latest "Gen" has come of age and shop, and spend their money very differently and have different priorities and interests than past generations. There is a major shift taking place and that's affecting most of our daily lives right now - stability???,,that's gone for right now too. Major dept, stores are closing by the thousands all over the U.S. Gas stations are closing in mass in my area too because of people buying less cars (Uber) higher gas mileage, and electric and hybrid cars becoming more common. Also several super market chains have folded also. The next several years will be interesting to see what happens to the model industry as well as the rest of our culture as we continue to adjust to the constant changes taking place in this country and around the world. Glad I'm retired, I think think the stock market can only go so high before there will be some massive white-knuckle flights in the financial world again, with more downward spirals. Time will tell.
  4. Over many decades the hobby has ebbed and flowed as the culture has changed. Many of the forums I visit are "sleepy" right now, but some of us continue posting. I did an article for MCM back in 2010 - no money. After this long I don't expect to see any. In this economic climate people are just trying to hold on and maybe put off the inevitable. Let's hope the pendulum eventually swings back the other way. Us die-hards want to see the hobby continue even if it's in 1/25 scale :smiley14: . (Smaller than it is now - LoL)
  5. It was easy to find. Just use Dogpile search engine and type in PomboWorks homepage. For me it was the very first link on the search page. Good luck.
  6. Rusty, It's nice to read your comments and your dedication to keeping this a safe place for modelers to come and enjoy themselves. That's much appreciated Been kinda watching under the radar how things go here. Maybe I'll post something here in the future :m1helmet: .
  7. I am truly sorry to hear that many of you aren't receiving due compensation for your hard work - that's frustrating at the minimum. This little hobby itself has become more and more devisive and I believe is in a slow process of some level of self-destruct with editors and writers jumping ship. The writing appears to be on the wall. Hobby shops are losing customers who buy model cars and model car clubs are losing members by the droves because of the constant in-fighting, back stabbing and unfair practices at contest events as well as the whiners and complainers who make the contest less and less of an enjoyable experience. And most of the forums are struggling to keep interest alive and their magazine counterparts are struggling to keep publishing there smaller and smaller numbers of magazine issues. Over the next 10 years I think you will see major changes in this obscure little hobby that commands little of the GNP and adds little else to the economy. If it disappeared completely I don't think anyone of importance would notice. Most people think it's a pretty silly hobby for grown men anyway. There is just too much negativism in this hobby with huge ego's, and a rampage of arrogance and the insaitable desire for recognition. "The times they are ah changing" as time moves on.
  8. Hey Gary Treehugger Dave here. Yeah I'm still around, mostly under the radar. I like what your doing here. I'll have to keep checkin' in and see what your up to. Hope life is good. All the best, Dave
  9. I love this kit and you made it look so good with that great shade of yellow :smiley16: . Great job.
  10. Thank you Mark. I've heard of the OHMS Club, but know nothing about it. I searched the web but found nothing. Maybe you could give me a web address. That would be much appreciated. Dave
  11. Hey Mark. Those awards will look real nice on display. Hope you do good at the Nationals
  12. Great looking WIP Gary. Waitin' for more posts and project updates.
  13. Hey Gary. Yeah, we had a few 100 degree days, but just kept the air cranked up and sailed right through it. My cat doesn't even thank me for how comfy it is, he just sleeps all day - Silly cat :) . Havin' fun right now adding more shelves in my model room / man cave. I had one wall left that needed some art work and some new models in more cases. Fun to re-organize stuff and update a few things. Now I'll have room to expand my "Viewing Pleasure" (A little more eye candy is always nice )
  14. Thanks Mark, but no greatness here my friend, I'm just having fun with my Toyyyyz like all you guy's. It's wonderful doing something ya' love and are half-way decent at it. I'll probably do this until Jesus comes back to get me
  15. Thanks guy's for you positive comments. Gary my friend you're right, it's been a while, but life is extremely good. I hope life is good for you too. How's the resin business and the band your in? All the best, Dave
  16. This is a build I collected parts for, for several years. I used 2 separate kits, both as donors, to get my imagined build in a way to suite my taste. I absolutely love the front grill/bumper combination, so I basically built the car around them. The one I used came from Modelhaus I have never liked the roofline of the '71, but felt the '69 roofline would really enhance the look of the car, along with changing the rear window from a Mercury to a 1970 Mustang, and I could use the louvered shade rear window cover, and also the rear spoiler from the same '70 Mustang donor kit, and a hood scoop from a Boss 429 Mustang kit because this was to be a Boss 429 Mercury street car with some hand made graphics. The two pieces really fitted almost seamlessly, and was an easy cleanup with just a little body filler. The tires are resin from a great supplier, and the "Billboard" white letter tire graphics were custom printed. There are many other subtle custom touched all over the car that just made this a fun build to create. She's not done yet, still got a few details under the hood and a few other places, but the ol' girl is comin' along, and I'm havin' a blast. I'll add pictures as I become familiar with the process here. Thanks for lookin' in Much appreciated.
  17. Hey Mark - Thanks for the welcome to the forum. No, I'm not in Berdoo anymore, I'm up here "Huggin' Trees" in Portland, Oregon. Thanks for the invite, but that would be quite a drive - LOL
  18. I know some of the guys here, but not by this screen name. I was born in the Northwest, but my folks raised in San Bernardino (Berdoo) SoCal, and for some years I've been wanting to use this screen name, as it brings back such great memories. E Street was one of the most popular cruise streets in all of SoCal in the 50's and 60's, along with Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles and the Big Boy Hamburger Drive Inn. In San Bernardino we cruised through the original McDonalds on E Street and was the main attraction for all the hot rods and customs from all over SoCal to park there and show off - What great memories and so many more. Been building model cars since I was 7, but also dabbled in military and sci-fi space ships for a while too. Now I just play with my model cars and have a blast. Great to be here and lurk under the radar checkin' out everybody's stuff.
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