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  1. Purchased this oldie at a local IPMS show a few months ago for a Canadian GB online. I decided to make some improvements as I build the model up. I first started with boxing in the radiator and installing the screen protector, using what was on hand on the workbench. Unfortunately, I had no PE screen, so I just used a little nylon screen material. I think it may be from an old Tamiya kit? The wench was a bit fiddly, as I haven't found the best material for wench cable. I used some jewelry wire, but I found it a bit difficult to wind up and glue into place. The wheels were difficult to install, as the hubs just wobbled without any guide pins. So, I made my own using some brass tubing. Now the wheels have no wobble when they get glued on. Just need to remember to keep the wheel treads all aligned :) More pics and details to come. . .
  2. Nice build up so far. Looking forward to seeing more of the transformation!
  3. Excellent entries! Could look at these over and over again. Thanks for sharing. Russ
  4. Sweet looking Panther you have there.
  5. Nice job! The hairspray technique looks great!
  6. Been model building on and off my whole life, however, I have taken the hobby a little more serious these last ten years. I build a little bit of everything, but mostly WWII subjects. Looking forward to seeing what the IPMS forum has to offer. Thanks, Russell Gosselin.
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