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  1. www.scalefinishes.com OEM paint, military colors, fleet colors, you name it, he does it.
  2. been waiting for this one, now I can use the roadster hot rod I bought to build a hot rod Delivery Van!
  3. Go to any autoparts store and pick up a thing of Super Clean degreaser. I use it all the time to strip enamels (also works great for stripping chrome). For Acrylics I use 91% alcohol
  4. Looking at all my reference material I cannot tell what color the inner cowl is on the Bubble Top. Is it yellow zinc chromite, green zinc chromite, or Dark Gull green? I know the gear bays on the republic built birds were yellow zinc chromite with a dark gull green cockpit. Anybody wanna take a shot at this one?
  5. i do all my pre ordering from the LHS, best part is, I don't pay till it gets here, if it never gets here I am not out the money
  6. couldnt really get into the vibe to build the Minsi, so instead I turned it into this this one is turning out to be more of an experiment than anything. Still have lots to do, like take better pics since I have cleared it.
  7. thanks, I have every thing here to build a blue beetle clone except the caddy heads
  8. Sometimes you get lucky and get to build a brand new 45 year old kit, I happened to get lucky and find this for a song. This also goes back to my building vintage kits thread. Paint is 1950 Ford Matador Red under 2 coats of urethane clear, Interior is black and white gloss coat, shot with a flat coat, then top coated with semi gloss clear, same with the top. This was a fun build and I am pretty sure I will be going to hell for building it. I hope you guys enjoy it. Criticism is always welcome, good or bad.
  9. that is exactly what i mean, some bone head gang members ran their car through the hobby shop doors and destroyed the display case that they and other club members models were in.
  10. DBoger


    it sure does, thanks guys, now I wish I could find some good pics of the sucker out in the field.
  11. DBoger


    I picked up an old Tamiya Russian t-62a kit for $5.00. My plan is out of box with it with some weathering, but I can't find any good reference pics on the net of the tank in the field. Does anybody have any laying around that they can post here? I want to build it as a cold war tank. Thanks Donnie
  12. One thing I forgot to mention was a week before it was destroyed the 2nd time, it took Best of show at one of my local car model contests.
  13. yep, this time around though there was nothing left to rebuild
  14. heres another wrench in the gear. Do you take advantage of the current aftermarket industry to help with you build or restoration?
  15. its good to know im not the only one crazy enough to restore old kits
  16. Since I mostly build car models, I love the old vintage stuff from the 60's, mostly AMT Trophy Series kits. I love building fresh out of the box kits, but I do a lot of restorations of glue bombs. I have recently purchased a mint in box unbuilt AMT 57 chevy Trophy series 3n1 kit and getting ready to build it, as a factory stock car, and using the custom goodies on a newer reissue kit. So my question to you guys is would you build those old kits if you got a hold of them? I am a firm believer that the model is supposed to be built and the box art is meant to be looked at.
  17. The Color is 1955 chevy regal turquoise. I got it from www.scalefinishes.com
  18. My excuse was just that, too much water before hotlaps lol
  19. I have been wanting to build this bird for a while now, ever since I stepped foot off the brow of the USS McCampbell. I don't have any pictures as of yet, but here is my parts run down. Quickboost Engine, Cowl and Exhaust Hasegawa 1/48 F6F-3 "USS Essex" kit Aires cockpit (for the Eduard kit) CMK wheels Areomaster Decals I have started cleaning up the cockpit getting it ready for paint, and I have opened up the windows on the kit to make it a -3. Progress will be slow, as this is my first attempt and building a contest quality plane.
  20. Thanks, I wish I could pump them out as fast as the Iron Works did LOL
  21. This midget was built right out of the box in the time frame of a week, I also happened to be my first build review I ever wrote up for Kustom and Hot Rod Models Magazine (although I didn't know it at the time) I used mig pigments to weather it, in reality it is way over done. I went back and started looking at pictures of the time frame these cars were raced and really over did it. This one too was destroyed in the hobby shop incident.
  22. I am currently looking for the pics of the dirty one to make a thread on it
  23. This was my second review build for Kustom and Hot Rod Models Magazine, Built right out of the box. Sadly this one was destroyed too.
  24. This is my first completed build for 2011. I originally got this model from a friend of mine and it was beautiful. In November of 2010 my club was hosting just a show at our local hobby shop and I took this beautiful Vicky out for display. Well needless to say the poor Vicky was dropped and it blew apart, no big deal I thought to myself, I can rebuild it. The only problem was that the paint had been damaged beyond repair (I wish I had taken pictures of the damage), so I just stuck it in a box for a later time. Fast forward a few months and I find myself in a slump, so I dug the old girl out of her box and started the rebuild. I stripped her down to bare plastic and started over. With this build I wanted a real late 50's early 60's vibe, right when hot rods were coming of the street and hitting the strip. I wanted to keep the build simple and go the same direction that the original builder did, but the front axle had broke under it's own weight 3 days before a show, Raul came to the rescue with a new front Axle (Thank you Raul!) Parts Break Down: Rear Wheels and tires: AMT Double T Engine and front wheels: Original Issue AMT 32 Ford Vicky Blower and Blower Drive Cover: Original Issue AMT 40 Ford Blower Hat and front Tires: my parts box Paint is Scale Finishes 1955 Regal Turquoise Being a race car I wanted to add a roll cage to it, I scratch built mine out of plastistruct tubing using the AMT 33 Willys as a pattern and turned it from a 2 point into a 3 point roll bar. Turning towards the engine I noticed it looked a little "blah" so I decided to wire it up with a MAD prewired magneto and run fuel lines to the fuel injectors made out of 40 pound test Cajun Line. This build went through a few changes in between contests, at its first contest it took third place Competition Automobiles Straight Line, at the time I hadn't washed the engine or done the panel lines. With some time in between contests I decided to go ahead and do the panel lines and give the engine a quick oil wash, the result was well worth it in my opinion, at its last contest it took first place Automobiles Closed Wheel Competition Domestic. And here are just some good looking pictures of it. All in all this was a fun rebuild and it took me out of my slump and actually threw me into the IPMS contest arena. I learned a lot from this old girl, sadly she was destoryed along with a couple other of my builds when some nukle heads rammed their car through the hobby shop front doors. Criticism is welcome good or bad. Thanks for looking Donnie
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