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    early aircraft; space/SF; some autos & jets

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Since about 2009 I have been slowly returning to building after the typical break that everyone seems to experience. It starts when you begin to notice the opposite sex, and ends sometime after you get a job and settled down a bit. I've worked as a control systems engineer in the petrochemical industry since 1990, so I guess that's reasonably well settled.

In my case, the road back passed through model railroading. I still build trains, but damage from hurricane Ike required that I tear down my layout and it hasn't been rebuilt yet. At a railroad club meeting, someone mentioned IPMS-Houston's upcoming Modelmania show, and it was near my house, so I went. Won a door prize (1/144 Minicraft DC-4) and that set the hook.

I build pretty slowly, and haven't gotten particularly good yet (turns out if you don't practice something for 30 years, you forget how to do it.) But I still enjoy it. Currently I belong to Texas Outlaw Modelers Society (TOMS) in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area, and I formerly served as webmaster for IPMS-Houston.

My main modeling interest right now is early aircraft (up to about 1934), both military and civilian. Other items on the to-do list include some cars, real space vehicles, SF vehicles, and a few select jets. Or whatever happens to catch my eye.

Oh, I also build and play ukuleles.

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