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  1. Thanks for all the useful info. I think I will probably purchase a new airbrush. Cleaning my old testors with lacquer thinner may have killed it. I will look at the Badger 200 single action as suggested here. I have a question on purchasing a regulator. Is there a standard connector available that will allow me to connect the airbrush line to the regulator ? Henry
  2. I've re entered modeling after many years absence. I airbrushed my first model with primer and am having a number of problems with my airbrush. It spits at the beginning of a line after being used for a short time. Also the brush leaks unless the nozzle is very tight. If tightened too much when I press the trigger nothing comes out of the nozzle and the top of the paint cup blows off. I tried cleaning everything I could with lacquer thinner, and have tried thinning with water and isopropyl up to 50% using acrylic paint. Should I try Testors airbrush thinner ? I have a Testors model master brush which is probably at least 20 years old. The brush is not supposed to be taken apart so all I can clean is the nozzle, port, and paint cup. I should also add that I am using a co2 tank to run the brush. It has a single stage low pressure regulator with a working pressure of 50 lbs and is not adjustable. Is it time for a new nozzle or airbrush or is the co2 tank a problem ? Henry
  3. Thanks to you and others who responded to my post. I think I'll try your approach. I don't have a basement, but I do have a box fan which I can mount in a box in an open window. I'll cut out a hole on top, mount a work light on a piece of glass and clean or replace as needed. The first model I've built in years is ready for painting and I think I've made a mess of it. The primer coat will reveal my sins. However, practice and patience will bring redemption. Henry
  4. I did some modeling years ago, stopped and now I'm back. When I was active tube cement was the norm and acrylics were just starting to appear. I'm in the process of getting up to date on current technology and trends. I live in a condo and do not have a dedicated work area. I plan to do airbrush work with acrylics. Right now hobby funds are very tight. Instead of a spray booth I was planning to simply use a cardboard box, respirator and goggles which I do have. Does this provide adequate protection ? Over time will atomized paint collect on walls and carpeting ? Henry
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