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  1. Here is a scratch build of the Eldar Jet bike. I used the original GW model as a reference unit and this is what came out. If you have problems viewing pictures, here is a link to my album. http://img686.imageshack.us/g/imag00012d.jpg/
  2. Check this site out. On the left side, click on downloads and it will bring you to choices, pre-Apollo, Post Apollo and European space craft. http://jleslie48.com/gallery_models_scifi.html In the post Apollo, there is the shuttle and payload. There is also a N.A.S.A. site with loads of shuttle configurations. http://www.axmpaperspacescalemodels.com/ On papermodelers.com in the links area are a lot of space oriented models as well. Hope that this helps you out.
  3. I see that you had problems with your photo uploads. I use image shack for my albums and put the link up like you. Great job and let's wow the plastic community with more of our paper projects. See you around the forum.
  4. This is a strictly paper scratch build of the Warhammer Basilisk. I used the Games Workshop model as reference and came up with this version. It look or has the semblance of the German 88 anti tank gun. Here are the first batch of the Scratch built. See you all next posting. It seems I am still having problems uploading photos so here is a link to image shack for the build process on this item. On the views, click on oldest and it will bring the photos in order. http://img835.imageshack.us/g/001mf.jpg/
  5. Here are some of my paper models. Some are made from plans and modified by me and some are scratched built.
  6. Pedro, Hi. I am the Convention Chairman for the Region 1 IPMS Regional Convention ( Noreastcon 40) to be held in May 2011 in Schoharie, New York-near Albany. Without betraying any confidentialities, would you know how I might contact paper modelers in the northeast United States to see if they would be interested in attending, displaying and competing in our show? Is there a local, regional or national paper modelers' organization that I might contact, that could then, in turn, promote our show to its members. If there is interest, we could easily create paper model categories for our contest. You can "private message" me or we could keep up the conversation here. It might get just the "buzz" we need going to start this process. "IPMS- It's not just for plastic anymore." Regards, Nick Filippone Yes! One of the new members here "cggutzmer" is a moderator at papermodelers and also has his own website as well. Also there is another site papermodeling for papermodelers, ekuth is the chief moderator there. We have modelers from around the world and a good sprinkling in the north-east as well. make a posting or get in contact with cgutzmer here and he can get with the northeast modelers. He is in the process of intergrating the paper modeling community with IPMS at this time. Thank you for the comments and I hope that this crossover will be beneficial to all of us.
  7. Thank you Dick Montgomery (Monty), I hope to start doing some of my build threads here. See you around in the forums.
  8. Glad to be here Chris. Hopefully I will start doing some of my build threads soon. See you around in the forums.
  9. I am trying to upload some pics of my works. see if this works this time walker paper I hope the above works and below is supposed to be a large inventory of my works. Some of these are build sequences at papermodelers and at zealot. I hope that this works and you can enjoy in some of my works. See you all around in the forums. my album
  10. Hello to all modelers out there. I am a bit of a scratch builder and have enjoyed building models for a very long time. Since I found paper as a modeling medium, I have been amazed as to what can be accomplished. I have a large inventory of paper models and Later I will do a build thread as to how I built some of them. I hope that you enjoy them and see you around in the forums. When I get a hang of uploading photos, I will upload some of my works.
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