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New Jersey Righing


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Finishing up my 1/350 Tamiya New Jersey. I don’t have a good reference for the rigging. I’ve added some Eduard PE but didn’t go the full Pontos route so I decided to forego the expense of the “Anatomy of the ship” book. Now that at the rigging stage I think I’d like to try and add it but lack refs. Any suggestions. So far internet images are difficult to use because they tend not to show the rigging. TIA

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21 hours ago, jcorley said:

The best resource for this used to be the Floating Drydock booklet.

Mine is old and now out of print, but they've put it on a CD now


About a quarter down the page.

James, which FD booklet are you recommending,  the Missouri Plan Book?  Its a good reference for the Missouri in August, 1945 but will not fill the bill for a modernized Nuevo Jersey, as the Tamiya.  I reviewed the popular press books in my library and those listed at FD (Classic Warships, Squadron, Windward, Doyle, ShipShape) and there was not one on the New Jersey.   IIRC there was someone on SteelNavy talking about a book he was working on,  but also IIRC it was reminiscences,  interesting reading but not a lot to model with.

What might be a good reference, but will take some time, is the US Archives online photo system.   I stumbled upon a large number of photos of the NJ transiting the Panama Canal enroute to her museum site. There was a good set of pictures sitting in the Miraflores Locks on the Pacific side.   The photographer got many from the same vantage point.   At catalog.archives.gov put into the search bar "USS New Jersey"  refine the search as necessary with "Panama Canal".

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From the prior mentioned US Archives with "USS New Jersey" + "Panama Canal" in the Advanced Search box.   Original picture is zoom-able so you can more easily see the halyards & rigging


Again a zoom-able image.  In the Gatun Locks

Look at the light effects on the paint color.   The Haze Gray varies from almost white to a medium gray.   Transit time through the canal is about 9 hours so the lighting will vary.   There is a 1968 video (west bound) showing a foot to spare on either side while in the Miraflores Locks


image.thumb.png.250bcdf8b2c219190a089ddc3203baec.pngMore from Archives, manning the rails.   Check the rust at the overboard discharges.   

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