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Zvezda Customer Service Excellence!


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I just wanted to provide a shout out to Zvezda and their Graz, Austria Customer Service section on their quick response and quick fulfillment of a missing part!

I have Zvezda kit number 7214, Ka-27 Helix A, and lost part 4C (left cockpit door/window), and e-mailed the Zvezda sales & marketing (contact info below).  Lirije Zogaj quickly replied to my initial e-mail (25 October) on 27 October.  After e-mailing my address, I received my replacement part (actually, the entire three-piece sprue) yesterday, 18 November.  I have already sent a thank you e-mail to them.  Just wanted to give credit where credit is due!



Zvezda Contact:

Lirije Zogaj

ZVEZDA sales & marketing
c/o Hobby Pro Marketing GmbH
Am Leonhardbach 7
8010 Graz / Austria
Tel : +43 316 323400
Fax : +43 316 323119
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