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Humbrol Clear vs. Pledge Floor Wax ?


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Hi Gang ( Newbie Here )


Tell me guys can I use or we use PLEDGE FLOOR WAX instead of HUMBROL CLEAR.

Being that Humbrol Clear more $ $ $ then Pledge Floor Wax ?


What do you guys think of this idea ?


.I await your suggestions and answer


Greenbay vs. Cowboys today Sunday 15th.



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The biggest thing about any clear coat you choose to use is whether or not it will "yellow" over time. This is a factor due to the chemical makeup of the clear coat and the thickness you apply.


Future (now Pledge) has several advantages:

1) It's cheap compared to hobby brand clear coats

2) It can be brushed on or sprayed on. Many enamel/lacquer clear coats cannot be brushed on easily because they will then attack the undercoat since you've applied SO much of it at once.

3) It has UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing over time


That said, almost everyone sprays on clear coats, so our main concern is avoiding one that will yellow over time. The worst offender in this area is Testors Clear Gloss enamel/lacquer. Many times you'll see it is not perfectly clear when you buy it in the store! Lacquers and enamel clears tend to have this problem more often than acrylics, but that's just a generality, not a hard and fast rule. However, my understanding is that the Humbrol Clear is an enamel/lacquer, and thus more subject to yellowing over time. BUT, that doesn't mean it's a bad product, or unusable! It can be used over darker camo schemes where the yellowing over time won't be apparent, if at all. Second, you apply it in as thin a coat as possible, which also minimizes that problem. And when I say "over time", I mean it takes several YEARS at the minimum to see this happen. You just want to be careful when applying it over light or white schemes, where the yellowing will show the easiest.


Keep in mind there are MANY other products that can be used too. Large spray cans of clear from Krylon and Rustoleum are used by many people. You need to test these yourself to be sure they're compatible with the paints they're covering, as they can be "hotter" than hobby clear coats, especially if applied in a heavy coat. But, since they come in larger sizes, they are generally cheaper by comparison too.


As for me, I've started using the Alclad Krsytal Klear gloss and flats. They have a UV inhibitor to prevent yellowing, spray easily, come in a larger size than other brands, and dry rock hard in an hour or less. Look around your hobby shop, on line, and at your local hardware store to see what alternatives may be available, especially if your concern is saving money. Good luck!


GIL :smiley16:

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Ditto what Gil says. Since we're on the topic, I recently bought a bottle of Alclad Aquagloss. It's recommended for coating Alclad to protect from fingerprints and wear and tear, etc. I'm a big fan of Alclad and the Aquagloss works well. Having said that, It sprays like, sets up like, cleans up like, looks like and smells like Future/ Pledge. One man's opinion but I'll use it up and go back to using Future/Pledge because IMO they are the same product.

Best regards,


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