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invitation "SIBERIAN Gathering modeller"

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Another partner of our Siberian rally. Company
ZIP-maket assumed award once in 3 nominations in one place.
Children - E.7. Dioramas
Juniors - YU.12. Dioramas and miniatures
Adults - V.D13 miniature diorama



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People feel the old school and education. On the club were fixtures on TRANSVITA.

First I looked at the quality. I put it on the table. Well, just gorgeous. Due to the size it can run on two fronts. Very comfortably. And for work and for painting and photography. Swivels allow twist.

Now we have at the club will be light and comfortable. Furthermore. A couple of lamps on the rally raffle among the "pioneer circles" Who will come to us.

And the owners of model department, I advise to take note.


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Data for August 18 in Moscow 23-00

As you can see some of the nomination at the request has to be held.

ROUNDTABLE (gala dinner, awarding process, an entertainment program. From 18 to 24 hours). - 27 people.

D1 Aviation - 1

D3 -5 Cars

D7 Dioramas - 1

Model D9 in the habitat. (Vignette) Surface transport - 1

J2 Aircraft 1/48 - 2

YU5 Armour 1/35 to 46 years- 2

YU13 Cars 1 / 24-1

YU6 Armour 1/35 since 1946 - 1

YU12 Dioramas and miniatures - 1

A3 Aviation World War II (1939-1945), the Soviet Union and its allies -3

A4 Aircraft WWII (1939-1945) and Germany soyuzniki- 1

A5 post-war aircraft USSR / Russia - 1

A6 postwar foreign countries' aviation 1

Helicopters A7 -4

A11 Dawn aviation aircraft of World -2

A13 Aviation World War II (1939-1945), the Soviet Union and its allies - 6

A14 Aviation World War II (1939-1945) of Germany and the Allies -2

A15 postwar aircraft USSR / Russia - 1

A16 postwar aircraft of foreign countries -2

A23 Aircraft 1: 144 -5

HT2 Armoured World War II. The Soviet Union and its allies - 1

HT4 transport, engineering machinery, cars - 2

NT5 postwar and contemporary armor - 1

NT13 Armoured 1914-1945g. Germany and its allies - 1

NT22 Armoured Vehicles from 1919 to 1939. -5 NT23 Armoured World War II. SSSR.-1

NT24 Armoured World War II. Germany. -2

NT26 postwar and contemporary armor. USSR / Russia -4

NT27 postwar and contemporary armored vehicles abroad - 1

NT28 Engineering machinery and tractors - 1

NT30 Dumb artillery -5

NT32 Track and half-track transport equipment (including armored) - 1

NT33 wheeled machinery and trucks -1

NT34 Cars and motorcycles -3

NT35 armored and armored vehicles of all time -1

F1 of sailing ships (plastic, resin model) -4

F2 Ships (plastic, resin model) -2

F3 Submarines (plastic, resin model) -1

F4 sailing fleet (not plastic) - 4

BD9 model in the environment. (Vignette) Surface transport 1

BD13 diorama miniatures - 3

T-1 Fleet - 1

M7 figures of fantasy, steampunk, anime, etc. - 2

C2 stars on the wings - 4

C3 Spitfire - 5

C5 Spitfire from the ICM - 3

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Сбор сибирских модельеров присоединяется другой партнер. И предложение было только от компании

ХОББИ Planet http://www.hobbyplanet-rk.com/index.htm Наши первопроходцы смогут побороться за призы от HOBBY Planet.


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Another partner of the rally. "Kit furniture." Many of the modelers are engaged in furniture and home and for sale. The "set of furniture" has it all. What pleases especially, is its production. http://barnaul.komplektmebel.ru/

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Prizes from the company ICM nomination V.C5 "Spitfire from ICM»


Gifts from the company tesa SE.


Prizes from the company tesa SE in the category VA 21 Civil Aviation


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I held on 24-25 September Meeting of Siberian modelers.

It was attended by modelers from Russia and Kazakhstan. 33 cities, 127 participant, 407 models.

Results and photos. :-!-: http://modelistbarnaul.ru/forum/8-413-1#8452 lX-P

























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