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Enamel RLM 71?


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I'm having all sorts of trouble with this one stupid color. Most of us can agree that Model Master is not the correct shade of green. While I love (or should I say "loved")White Ensign paints; I just found out that they are now defunct. So I ordered several tins of Humbrol 242 last week and was very disappointed with the results. The paint was obviously old in all of the tins, but after much shaking and the use of a battery-powered stirring thingy I got it to where I thought it was usable. However, after cutting it with laquer thinner to a good mixture, the results were a very grainy finish. Then to add to my misery, it wouldn't dry properly. So I decided to use Polly Scale's RLM 71. While the color looks good to my eye, it is gumming-up on the tip of the airbrush needle (I use a Paasche VL). This morning I had to continuously make adjustments to the needle setting in order to obtain anything close to a fine line as the residue built up. So that got me thinking that there must be a better way.


Which brings me to this: does anyone out there have an enamel mixture for RLM 71?


Thanx for your help,


Rick Troutman

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