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trash it or scratch it


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Okay so there I was working on the frame of a 69 Dodge Charger, the floor and frame was twisted to the point of not having all four wheels on the ground. After placing the floor/frame in a jig and placing it in the sun to heat, I moved on to the body and cab. I came back two days later and checked, no applicable change in the twist. Didn't think it would work anyway, so off to the work bench and my heat gun. BAD idea! I was careful and determined to get this fixed and I was tired of the time wasted so far. SOOO hast makes waste and glory be the old saying was correct. :smiley29: The right side was buckled beyond help. :smiley18:

For a few moments I had thoughts of buying a new kit and trash this one. But I said to self....you can do this :Smile-tongue:

So off with the bad and in with the new parts. I built the frame just like I used to do in the auto body shop on the real thing, rebuilt the wheel house and managed to get the curve out of the floor in the process. :gold-plane:

So it may not be perfect but it saved the kit and my money and now my life is good again. :smiley14:

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