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    Those are awesome builds. Fantastic even.
  2. Wow! I like the new look. Been contemplating of doing a car build & the Impreza was the first one that comes to mind. I hope I can do one soon.
  3. Oh yeah, I remember this kit. I got mine from a friend. It's a tiny kit with 7 parts in a red colored sprue.
  4. Outstanding build! Now you got me going there. I was thinking about doing a build of the P-38L, now my question is would this kit be the right one?
  5. Hi there. My name is Alex Amarra I live in central NJ & my interest are modern armor, aircraft, some ships & hopefully I can get into autos & motorcycles. I've been building models on & off for sometime & decided to jump in here to learn more from you guys. For the time being I'm just lurking around trying to get the feel of things.
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