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  1. Yep, and for some time it will be one lane in each direction. Be prepared for a leisurely pace. Complete repair/restoration is projected to be completed by Thanksgiving.
  2. Yep, a long stretch of I-70 has now been closed in western Colorado from Glenwood Springs (Exit 116) to Dotsero (Exit 133), for about two weeks now. Major rock-slides and mud-slides have crossed both directions of the highway in several locations, have constricted the Colorado River's channel, and may have weakened supports for some sections of the elevated roadways and retaining walls. IF you're planning to take I-70 westbound from Denver to I-15 southbound to Las Vegas, check this site for updated info: https://www.codot.gov/news/2021/august-2021/assets/glenwood-canyon-closure-update . Even if they say the highway is opened again, expect that to really mean it may be open for a single lane in each direction, with periodic closures to remove more debris during the course of each day. And if they get another series of heavy rainstorms going along the Glenwood Canyon, there will be more mud-slides and road closures. The secondary detour routes to the north, taking CO-9 or US-40 to Kremling-Steamboat Springs-Craig-Rifle, or to the south, taking US-24 to Leadville then down to CO-82 to Twin Lakes-Aspen-Carbondale-Glenwood, will likely get a lot of the local & regional car & truck traffic, and any of the cross-country heavy truck traffic that couldn't figure out earlier how to divert north to I-80 or south to I-40. Plan on slow going behind big trucks. Pressed for time, to the north take I-80 to Salt Lake City, then I-15 south. Or to the south, take I-40 from Flagstaff to Kingman, then US-93 or US-95 north to Las Vegas. Or we can fly and hope our flights don't get delayed/cancelled! Mark Persichetti, IPMS# 14324
  3. As Ed Grune noted in his posting on July 28th, under the topic labelled Masks for judges at the Nats?? within the Forum named 2021 IPMS/USA National Convention, he stated “The NCC in a Zoom meeting addressed our plans on how we will perform our judging duties this year.” We held that NCC Zoom meeting Sunday afternoon, July 25th. The day after, I sent some emails to Convention Chairman Bob Lomassaro, to follow-up on some issues raised by the NCC members. And on the next day (last Tuesday), while I was preparing notes to post on our website here, announcements of new policies started coming from various Nevada officials and agencies, rendering moot some of the items we had discussed at our Sunday meeting. The most comprehensive review of the new masking requirements I’ve found to-date are in the following article from The Nevada Independent News, July 27th, as reported by their Megan Messerly. The underlined items below are my own way to emphasize points that may be applicable to our judging task and teams: “Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the vast majority of Nevada counties will be required to wear masks indoors in public places starting Friday (July 30th), state officials announced Tuesday. The new state mask mandate follows a Tuesday recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that fully vaccinated people should wear masks in indoor public settings when they are in areas of substantial or high transmission, which currently includes 12 of the state’s 17 counties (including Clark County). Though the new Federal policy is only a recommendation, an emergency directive issued by (Nevada) Gov Steve Sisolak in May automatically makes any guidance offered by the CDC binding in the state of Nevada. A new emergency directive issued by Gov Sisolak on Tuesday reiterates phrasing from the May directive — clarifying that all individuals “shall be required to cover their nose and mouth with a face covering in a manner consistent with the guidance issued by the CDC, and any subsequent guidance issued by the CDC” — while also giving counties a three-day grace period (to this past Friday) to implement the new policy. . . . . . The (Nevada) Gaming Control Board, in a Notice to Licensees on (last) Tuesday, noted that the new mask mandate will be binding on gaming licensees in the flagged counties — including those on the Las Vegas Strip. In other words, gaming establishments in those counties will be required to ensure that employees, patrons and guests are wearing masks pursuant to the state’s emergency directives.” Nevada officials said this past Thursday the recent mask mandate will be in place for at least two weeks – so at least until Friday, Aug-13th. Nevada officials will evaluate the transmission rates every Tuesday; Clark County Commissioners will review this topic again on Aug-17th – the day before the start of our convention! So while conditions and restrictions might change, we won’t know until we’re actually at the convention. For a county to relax the mandate, it would have to reduce transmission rates to Low or Moderate in the CDC guidelines for two consecutive weeks, officials said. Only five other Nevada counties are currently in the low and moderate stages in community spread of the virus. Want to bet now on the over/under odds for Clark County to reduce their transmission rates by Aug-13th? By Aug-20th? So now it looks much more likely that we will be required to wear masks as we do our Friday-night judging. We (NCC members) plan to meet with Convention Chairman Bob Lomassaro Wednesday evening to get a briefing on what he will have been told our masking requirements may be. I expect word will get around to the convention attendees Wednesday-through-Friday, and I will brief the gathered judges at our Friday-evening session before we start the actual judging. Plan for us to be required by duly-authorized, -elected and -appointed State and County officials, to wear masks as we do our Friday-night judging. If you will object to that, then do not plan to help with the judging this year; we’ll look forward to your help again next year or a following year. We will still have a task that needs to be completed, so please don’t use the likely masking requirements as your own opportunity to mount a self-serving soapbox and decry “government oppression”; you’re not required to help us judge, and so you can go to your room or some other semi-private area and not have to wear a mask that Friday night. If all judges need to wear masks, the procedures the NCC discussed at our recent session are to have the 3-person teams keep sufficient ‘social-distance’ between themselves and other judging teams. This will likely require some teams to move over to the other side of a row of tables, or to move further down the row to judge another category that isn’t so close to a category that’s currently being judged. We expect it will take longer to judge all the categories in each Class, due to having to maintain ‘social-distancing’. When a team has completed judging a category and filled-out its Judges’ Worksheet, they will return it only to their Class head judge or his designated assistant. Only the Class head judges will take completed Worksheets to Eileen’s team of data recorders, to reduce their risks to virus exposure. It will be more important this year than in prior years, that all judges attend our Friday-night Judges' Briefing before we actually start judging all the categories. We'll cover our procedures in detail at that time. The convention's Seminars schedule currently shows our Friday-night meeting starting at 4pm (16:00), but it will start later than that. The Model Room will be open until 5pm, and the Class head judges want to stay in that room as long as possible before our briefing, to make sure late entries get into the correct categories -- particularly if they may need to be moved to different tables or to a different Class. So while our meeting room is available starting at 4pm, our briefing will most likely not start until at least 5pm. I'll update this posting if new information becomes available Mark Persichetti IPMS #14324
  4. Earlier this morning, I posted the following reply to Gil's complaint against me in his post that started this thread. I had this particular forum page opened, and another forum page opened to Gil's initial query on May 30th in the section for logged-in members only (in Contests & Judging). I had intended to post here, but instead I did my copy-&-paste onto the members-only forum -- two pages opened, and I picked the wrong one! But since this is the particular discussion thread that started with Gil's big complaint, I've now placed my reply to him here, and I will attempt to delete my now-duplicate posting under the other initial May-30th posting by Gil. Okay, Gil, here is my “Official Reply” that you demanded, to answer your immediate question: Neither the NCC nor I in particular, plan to insist on any masking requirements that are stricter than any local standards in effect during the course of our 2021 convention. Elsewhere within this site’s forums, on May 14th Convention Chair Bob Lomassaro posted “Nevada just lifted the mask mandate for vaccinated people in all indoor and outdoor public spaces.” The chain of decision-makers for masking requirements at our upcoming show would logically seem to be: Nevada’s Governor, Las Vegas’ Mayor, Clark County officials, then perhaps the Rio’s own local management. And even within IPMS-USA’s structure, the NCC would follow the decision-making lead of the local planning team and the E-Board. My comments on this topic within my article in the most recent Journal stated “. . . In addition, all judges should plan on being required to wear masks (bring your own – don’t assume the host chapter will be providing 200-plus masks!). . .” My wording of “plan on” is not the same thing as your own careless or sloppy paraphrasing of my statement as being “judges will be REQUIRED to wear masks while judging.” I have no idea of how or why you made that illogical leap. The general message that I wanted to convey in my article is that our judges should be prepared in case the local conditions and mask-wearing requirements in Las Vegas have changed again by the time we get to the convention, and perhaps become more restrictive. You implied that you and so many others need “. . . the latest information ASAP, as it may affect peoples travel plans!” From that comment of yours, should I infer that, if you may be required to wear a face-mask during judging, you may decide instead to not attend the convention? If that’s the case, let me assure you we can still accomplish the contest judging whether you show up or not. If you’re there and decide to participate as a judge, then we’ll be glad to have your assistance again. But you were not able to assist with the judging for at least eight of the years since 1990 for which I have records, and the judging still got done during those years. And I don’t care if you wear a mask or not, nor do I care if you’ve received any vaccine shots or not. Your mask-wearing just isn’t my decision to make. And what happens if there’s a surge in Covid-19 cases (particularly the B.1.617.2 Delta strain) in Clark County after this July-4th holiday, and by the time our convention date comes up in six-plus weeks, the answer you need to know RIGHT NOW has changed yet again due to changing circumstances? Nevada is one of the few states categorized as high-risk for Delta-variant exposure – so is your own Florida. So what you demand I say NOW may be irrelevant in six weeks. And so, if you do decide to come out to the Las Vegas show, you still may want to follow Noel Smith’s suggestion in his comment posted Saturday, and “Why not just keep a mask in your back pocket, just in case?” If mask-wearing restrictions do happen to come back again by the time our convention starts, I’ll act to assist in their enforcement. Our closed contest room will not become a hideout for compliance avoidance. If masks become required again, any judges who don’t want to or refuse to wear one will be invited to leave the room, and come back to judge again at some future convention. And Gil, you may also want to note that on the Rio’s own website, under its listing of Additional Hotel Details, it still currently states “Masks are compulsory at the property” and “Masks are available to guests”, along with their other guest safety measures. It might be that they simply have not yet updated their webpage text, but that’s what it says now. You may want to insist that they clarify their mask-wearing guidelines too, before you make your travel plans. In your original posting that started this thread, you stated “Ok...like a good little member I originally asked this question down in the Judging Topic arena....now AFTER A WHOLE MONTH OF WAITING, I'M ASKING IT UP HERE IN THE GENERAL AREA:” And within this same thread, you also stated “Frankly, if Mark or some "designated" one of them cannot take the time even ONCE A MONTH to come here and see if there's anything they need to be aware of or answer, then they should step aside for Head Judges who WILL!” Your presumption that I don’t come see what’s posted within our various forums is erroneous. I usually take a look through them every 2-to-3 weeks, but I also usually do so in what you call the General Area. So I did not see your original posting of May 30th until I found it yesterday (Monday, July 5th). Even so, I see that you got thoughtful and reasonably considered replies to it from Nick Fillipone and Chris Bucholtz, and equally thoughtful replies to your reposting here in the General Area, from Nick again, and from Noel Smith. Often I’ve seen someone who has a question about contest categories, rules, or other contest-related items has already received an accurate answer from other members, and I haven’t felt it necessary for me to be redundant. But if you feel it’s absolutely necessary that all contest-related queries get “official and formal” replies from me or other NCC members, then I’ll humbly and dutifully try to comply with your demands. The last time I looked through the forums here was some time in the second weekend in June. This past Saturday night when checking my emails I came across one from Dave Morrissette that told me about your posting here. I see that he told you he had forwarded your message to me, and your subsequent replies to him are odd. He suggested you try emailing me directly (emails sent to NCC@ipmsusa.org go directly to me; that address is listed on our NCC page on this same website, and I’ve listed it at the end of each article I’ve done for the Journal). But you absolutely rejected contacting me by that route, also insisting that if Dave gets a reply from me, that he “DO NOT put it here.“ Those comments by you show me that you’re far more interested in being seen here on the public stage of the IPMS forums agitating against the E-Board, the NCC, and me as head judge, and being perceived as an ignored and aggrieved victim on this forum, than in perhaps being more successful in getting an answer to your question by trying to go directly to me via email. You also stated above, “You'd think after almost 45yrs I'd get used to the lack of response from the NCC and their blatant disregard for the membership, and even their judges, but it still rankles me!” Really? You’ve had the same problem for 45 years? And that would have been with how many chief judges and class head judges on how many different national contest committees over all those years? Your characterizations in that sentence are a direct personal insult to all those chief judges and class head judges that preceded me and the current NCC, up to now. I’d say you should look in a mirror to find the source of your continuing dissatisfaction. And just late yesterday, in your most recently posted comment in this thread, when you state “. . . up until a couple of years ago, until myself and a few others pushed the issue, the NCC meeting at the Nats was CLOSED to the general membership . . .” you erroneously claim credit for my decision to make our NCC meetings open to our convention attendees. I decided to do so a few years ago based solely on my own years of experience in working within open-government guidelines and directives for our local City Council meetings, and our local and county sustainability and resource-conservation boards. Whatever comments you might have made to advocate for open NCC meetings were never done in a manner that was effective enough to even get my attention. No matter whether I “should have” seen comments from you about that particular subject, your choice of delivery method was completely ineffective in influencing my decision. Sorry. Within your postings in this topic thread (and in many others), you’ve made quite a rant against the failure of me to reply to you (and by your own vanity projections, to ALL IPMS judges and members) in a manner and timeline satisfactory to yourself. Let’s take a look at your own failure to perform: To paraphrase you, What the "heck" (insert the stronger word of your choice) does it take to get the head of the JaxCon shows to provide information about the judging processes at ‘his’ shows, that the NCC has requested!? At our last in-person NCC meeting at the Chattanooga convention in 2019, we had asked all those members who attended and participated in our discussion of 1st-2nd-3rd vs gold-silver-bronze judging procedures to send us details about how they developed and ran their gold-silver-bronze judging processes at their Regional contests. You were at that meeting, Gil. But we never got any follow-up from you. Some months later, the Covid-19 shut-downs brought a halt to the NCC being able to get any such information from 2020 shows that were cancelled. In early October 2020, I sent a letter and two survey forms soliciting information on the judging processes used at both local and Regional contests, to our DLC David Lockhart. I asked him to forward that packet to all our Regional Coordinators, for them to distribute to all the local chapters they oversee. David did so immediately, and within a week I was getting confirmations from around the country that local chapters had received our surveys. As part of my solicitation for contest-judging info, I also noted the NCC would like to get info on 2019 and early 2020 contests, since most later 2020 contests were cancelled. So that request went out to all local chapters NINE MONTHS AGO. Gil, you are listed as the Chapter Contact for IPMS-First Coast (R-11), and you are listed as the Convention Chairperson for JaxCons from 2009 through 2021 – thirteen years! You, and your associates who support gold-silver-bronze judging processes, tout how great a job you’ve done at those contests. But when the NCC says, ‘okay, describe what you’ve done and give us some stats’ to back-up the self-praising, --- well so far, all the NCC has heard back from you about your contests is the faint sound of crickets chirping. For us to wait nine months and still not get any requested info from you is no big deal – but for you to have waited one month to get a ‘Public and Formal NCC Reply’ from me is an outrage that demands loud and long ranting from you? So Gil, did Jim Stepanek, your R-11 Regional Coordinator fail to send our surveys and contest-judging-info solicitation to you? Or had you decided to just blow off our request for contest info from you? No matter; if you’re either unwilling or incapable of providing requested information to the NCC, we’ll just look for another way of acquiring information about the judging processes at the JaxCons. And I’ll close by repeating, Neither the NCC nor I in particular, plan to insist on any masking requirements that are stricter than any local standards in effect during the course of our 2021 convention. Mark Persichetti #14324
  5. We've reached that point on the calender when several people who made their hotel reservations last summer for the Embassy Suites Loveland, have now decided they just can't make it to our show, and so have cancelled their reservations. Consequently, there are now over a dozen rooms available at the Embassy Suites for the duration of our show, August 14th-17th! Our discounted group rate is no longer available; you will pay the current market rate. But if you want the convenience of staying at the host hotel, you now have a last-minute chance to do so! And remember our Embassy Suites offers a free breakfast each day for its guests, and a nightly manager's reception with complimentary drinks and snacks! You can make a reservation by calling 1-800-EMBASSY. Mark Persichetti Co-Chair, 2013 Colorado Convention
  6. Hello Ship Judges! This year’s convention in Orlando is just a few weeks away, and I want to find out which Ship-category judges will be there and can assist with our judging. I’ve sent a solicitation email to all those judges I have on my group list, but email addresses seem to change frequently. So if you DID NOT get that email from me directly, and would like to assist with judging the Ship categories at Orlando, contact me ASAP at onthemarkmodels@msn.com . Thanks, Mark Persichetti IPMS-USA Head Ship Judge
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