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    Museum Associate Curator - Supervisory, Military Vehicle Technology Foundation (MVTF), Portola Valley, California. Treasurer & Newsletter Editor, IPMS San Joaquin Valley Scale Modelers (SJVSM), Modesto, California.
    Sci-Fi and American AFV modeling. Owner GunTruck Studios. 2nd Vice President - West, AMPS 2004-2009.
  1. Pat - send me a private message with an address to send you one! Jim
  2. Thanks Patrick (I'm a big fan of War Wheels)! Yes, Plus Models put out a M38 Jeep Conversion too - I reviewed it a few years ago here: http://www.armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Reviews&file=index&req=showcontent&id=3695 In retrospect, I think I was pretty harsh on their product, and it comes through in my review. They probably don't like me very much... :p Anyway, one day I plan to put one of their conversions through the workbench grindstone, one day...
  3. I like it! I've never strayed outside of my Star Fleet Battles gaming minis to do something like this, but I should give it a try someday...
  4. I wanted to share a model I began recently, a 1:35 scale RC Berg-based conversion of the old Italeri WWII Willys Model MB into the follow-on Model MC Jeep. It's a hodgepoge of parts, but has been entertaining all the way so far. I've got things press-fit and or double-sided taped into place for photos. I have it and a Bantam BRC-40 on the workbench at the same time - hopefully they'll finish up around the same time - this century... Hope you like! Jim
  5. And if you do encounter someone asking "Collector's" pricing on something from AEF Designs - definitely look in the box before buying.
  6. Ditto MikeMoore here - I shoot acrylics (Tamiya, Polly Scale and ModelMaster Acryl) exclusively and only use Tamiya Masking Tape. Great product. I've never experienced an issue using it for masking and airbrushing. Jim
  7. Thinking about this topic, I can't remember any Sci-Fi movie so bad and with nothing to make it interesting (model miniature work, music, SFX, actresses, anything) as "Plan 9 from Outer Space" and "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians". These two tie in sheer God-awfulness - you have to watch them with a stiff drink or play 'em at a party where no one is really paying attention...
  8. On my very cluttered workbench 9/11/10... "Hard Core 7" - a Jaguar Models M551 Sheridan AR/AAV I've been working on, on and off, for years. It fights me all of the way. Last month, while fitting it for its display base, I actually dropped it off the workbench. It performed a graceful, slow-motion, swan dive and landed upside-down on the floor. A bit dismayed, a bit bemused - I set out to put it back together. I'm back at it again, sizing it up for adding the Crew and eventually some Infantry riders... I recently began working on an M1A2 Abrams ISEP TUSK I Main Battle Tank, commissioned to appear "factory-fresh" and in tri-color "NATOflage". I'm using Dragon Models' #3536 as the base around this project...
  9. Sounds like fun - count me in with a Classic Viper. Jim
  10. JimLewis

    M4A1... Derby

    Mike - thank you for the compliment - and I too was honored to meet you! Despite the results of the judging, I really liked your rendition of "Derby". We should have parked them right next to each other! :P When you finish up your final Display Base, please post photos here, I'd like to see how you bring it home too. Jim
  11. JimLewis

    M4A1... Derby

    Okay - I'll bring "Derby" along too - the more the merrier! Jim
  12. JimLewis

    M4A1... Derby

    Hey Mark - long time! I hope things have been well with you! Terry and I are driving in, due to arrive late morning-early afternoon on Thursday. I'm not sure if I'm going to bring "Derby" - but I am bringing three more Shermans and other models along for the Show. See 'ya next month! Jim
  13. JimLewis

    M4A1... Derby

    Thanks Mike! I hang out everywhere - I'm just a quiet forum citizen. Rob's products are great - I recommend them to any and everyone. I didn't even know Rob knew about my buildup of one of his kits - that and your compliment makes me humble. Good Luck with your build - I know it will come out great! Jim
  14. JimLewis

    M4A1... Derby

    I did "Derby" a few years back - I couldn't spy any cross-bars on the Turret Bustle Rack to hold things in there either. They just piled it in. Good Luck with your rendition. Jim
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