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  1. I can't take any credit for the events and exhibit, other than posting the "bait" that some family members in the SF area are using to lure me out there!
  2. I don't think this news has been posted yet, but for everyone traveling through, or already in San Francisco over the next 6 months, here's some cool stuff to see: Aviation Evolutions The Jim Lund 1:72 Scale Model Airplane Collection San Francisco International Airport • Aviation Museum & Library September 23, 2017 – May 13, 2018 ONLINE EXHIBITION PRESS RELEASE SAVE THE DATE October 28, 2017 The Jim Lund Model Aircraft Collection and Lecture Program at SFO Museum Aviation Museum & Library San Francisco International Airport 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. A unique collection of model aircraft is now on view at San Francisco International Airport in the exhibition Aviation Evolutions: The Jim Lund 1:72 Scale Model Airplane Collection. The nearly three hundred examples of pioneer, sport, and commercial aircraft were created by master model builder Jim Lund. The exhibition continues through May 13, 2018. In conjunction with the exhibition, SFO Museum is presenting the lecture program and gallery tour Documenting Historical Aircraft in Models and Photographs on October 28, 2017, from 10:30 a.m to 3:30 p.m.Guest speakers include Jim Lund, Chris Bucholz, William T. Larkins, and Doug Emmons. This lecture program is open to the public free of charge. LECTURE PROGRAM AND GALLERY TOUR Cheers, Rob
  3. I am working on the AM re-pop of the same kit. I can send you the tab actuators. The Wolfpack folded wings aftermarket parts I am using came with the same, and now extra actuator parts. I will be happy to mail you my extras. Email me your mailing address at [email protected] and I will stick those parts in the mail for you right away. Cheers, Rob
  4. A friend of mine told me about a new PBY museum up on Whidbey Island. I haven't been there yet, but the website has some good pictures and it appears to have some great displays, like an eyeball turret! Their Facebook page is also excellent. I found some interior shots of PBMs and PBYs along with a few other gem details. Another good reference site and it certainly appears to be worth a visit. PBY Memorial Foundation http://pbymf.org/ Cheers, Rob
  5. Thanks Gentlemen, this gives me something to work with! Have a good weekend, Rob
  6. Has anyone attempted to model folded wings on a 1/48 F-4N (Hasegawa) or similar? I try to do this generally on carrier birds in my collection. I didn't find any conversion kits, like the ones G-Factor and Paragon make/made. Suggestions? Or am I insane to consider of this? Thanks for your ideas! Cheers, Rob
  7. I checked with a local chemist today. CA doesn't react with lead, but his thought was to try tungsten beads. Tungsten is denser and less toxic that lead. Fly-fishing stores often have them in the fly-tying materials section, and sporting goods stores may sell them in the reloading supplies. More expensive, but in the amount we use, maybe tungsten is a good choice.
  8. Hi All, While working on the RM EA-6B in 1/48, the forward canopy slipped off my desk unnoticed, that is until I rolled my chair across it. The resulting shards are beyond repair even for a vac-mold. I couldn't find any aftermarket canopies. Any ideas? Sources? Got an extra canopy to sell or trade? Thanks! Rob Benson
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