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  1. Very nice! Good scheme on an unusual type. You may be surprised to learn that the Fulmar actually achieved 122 air-to-air kills, more than any other FAA fighter type. AZ often uses molds originally designed by other companies; I believe their Fulmar is the one originally released under the "Vista" brand.
  2. The secret is documentation. Contest judges don't have hours to debate every subtlety of your model, and don't know every anomaly of every aircraft ever made. It's your job to inform them, not their job to read your mind. If a detail clearly falls outside the norm, take the time to describe it on the entry form or even better, attach a photo.
  3. I won't mention how long it took to finish this, except to say this kit was the best late 109G available when I started, LOL...no Fine Molds or AZ's in sight. The basic kit is a G-10, easily adapted to a G-6AS due to the too-shallow oil cooler! Other mods included scratching up the small wheel bulges, AZ wheels, a modified Hasegawa prop, cutting up canopy and control surfaces, and adding various small details to cockpit, gear, etc. Aeromaster enamels; painted and Eaglecals markings; oil, pastel, and colored pencil weathering touches.
  4. Nice model! Being currently at war with this kit, I appreciate what it takes to make it look this good, LOL... FWIW to anyone else working on the old 1/72 Hasey and Italeri C.202 / C.205 kits, there's some excellent new-ish aftermarket out there: PE belts, resin seat, exhausts, early unfiltered air intake, amazing 3D-printed late enclosed wheel wells, and landing gear complete with covers from Airone Hobby; filtered intake (and C.205 oil coolers) from Quickboost. Airone has also announced the future release of the Piaggio P.1001 propeller (also used on the C.200), which should help the looks immensely.
  5. Hi, I'm Mike Driskill in Knoxville, TN. Totally embarrassed to admit that after 46 years (!!!) as an IPMS member (no. 7409), I didn't know about these lovely forums! Better late than never I suppose. 😬 Like many of "a certain age," I cut my teeth on Revell, Airfix, Monogram, and pioneering Japanese kits in the '60's. I've been a proud member of the Knoxville Scale Modelers Association (KSMA) chapter since 1975. I entered my first contest in 1977 (yes kids, plastic existed then). I have attended 14 Nats, helped judge at a couple back in the day, and even picked up an occasional trophy there (though it's been a while!). My specialty these days is 1/72 WW2 aircraft. I'm recently retired after 40+ years practicing architecture - if you went to the Chattanooga Nats, you walked though some of my work, lol - the table layouts!
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