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  1. Twomikesresin

    RAF Hemp

    If you are able to mail order Two Bobs carries the Xtracrylix range and will ship to you. The Hemp form Xtracrylix is superb. HTH Mike
  2. I agree but, Tamiya 1/48 Vipers arre pushing $70.00 and Hasegawa 1/48 Hornets near $80.00
  3. Here is mine recently set up in our new house. The bench itself is in the house while the stash and paint booth reside in the third garage with the Two Mikes lab. The workbench has since been totally set up and has actually been subject to some use! It is an Ikea corner desk with a 6 foot table off to one side. I also have two under the desk file cabinets for tools etc. The grey cabinets under the TV hold my 500 freaking bottle of paint!! LOL
  4. Igraduated from Tenax to Tamiya Extra Thin Cenent a couple of years back. I like it much better. It also gives me that extra couple of seconds between a smooth join and the bottle of CA to fix the "step" at the seamline.
  5. Big congrats to you and Steve Mandie!! Hey my "new" wife of nearly 3 years name is Mandy!! :) Make sure to stop by our vendor table and after spending your cash, show me the ring!! :) Happy for you both!! Mike Reeves
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