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  1. Yes. Yes not long at all. The same goes for an injection molded kit. Oils from the production process can sometimes remain on the parts. When paint hits a spot with that residual oil, the result is a minor mess that will require a bit of sanding and re-painting. I always give all of the resin parts / sprues of a plastic kit a quick wash in warm soapy water before doing anything else - the now ritual first step. I just put enough warm water into the sink or a tub to cover all of the parts, (making darn sure the drain is tight if you use the sink), squirt some dishwashing detergent in, gently run an old toothbrush over the parts, rinse then dry.
  2. Thank you. I will check out the links. I think my next 190 will be a simpler one as well.
  3. Hello, Dry fitting, it looks like the engine is going to protrude from the front of the cowl. Engine assembly seemed to go OK - exhausts from the rear cylinders were too long so I just cut them to match those from the front otherwise trouble free. Has anyone run into this? Any advice?
  4. Thanks for the tips guys, I will order that MEdea lub. Headed for the basement now..... Regards, Tom
  5. Hello, I have heard so many great things about them, I broke down and purchased an Iwata Eclipse at the Hobbytown USA stand at the Nats. I read the instructions, and am not sure what to do after reading the after operation cleaning section - all it says to do is run thinner through it until it comes out clear....and a short section on cleaning the needle. Really? That seems way too easy. I am used to disassembling and cleaning the nozzle, cone and needle (and the cup, or course) on the old Pasche H1 after every use. Thought I would ask before I use it for the first time. Also, what lubricant should I use? Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to help me out. Regards, Tom
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