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  1. Loved Visiting Telford This Year. SIGs, Clubs and phenomenal interactions with modelers. One thing that did strike me though, although IPMS branch's as far away as Israel were represented, No IPMS USA display.  Although it was good to see more than 1/2 dozen Americans in attendance. This was at least my 5th visit as a group from Pittsburgh tries to visit every other year. "DAM YOU COVID". Special thanks to USAF SIG who host us from Pittsburgh and treat us much better than we deserve.

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  2. Completed with Basic Kit build rules of IPMS,however I could not leave the seat without  any strapping. So wine bottle seal straps it was.
    This is a great little kit and the decals were absolutely fantastic.
    I used the Revel Acrylic paints and they worked great. I did Gloss Coat with GX-100 for the decal base.
    The anti-static wicks are a bit oversized but don't really detract from the appearance.
    Uschi Powders were used for the exhaust metal finishes. Final finish was GX-100 .
    file.php?id=3036129This is a 
    Thanks for taking a look 
    Comments always welcome
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  3. Here is my version of the Valom B-45 in 1/72.



    Out of box and a great set of canopy masks from Hannants. 

    "North-American B-45A/B-45C Tornado kabuki masks all windows and clear parts, wheels, antiglare shields (designed to be used with Valom VAL72120 and VAL72121 kits) 

    Manufacturer:..New Ware"

    Unbelievable time saver ....PS Dust is photography, not model.


     Caracal decal and they were fantastic. Alclad over Tamiya Gloss Black. Natural metal  over-coated with Alclad Aqua Gloss. This gloss is  not happy with Solvaset residue. All decals must be wiped down before final coat of Aqua Gloss.



    This kit is a bit of a modeling challenge for seams and fit in many places. O well as our friends in Britain say "Couple swipes with a sanding stick ".

    Forgot to mention I did add bit of riveting to enhance overall surface panels.



    Happy Birthday USAF and Thanks for Looking

    Comments always welcome


    Bill D.



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  4. Greetings 

    A replacement for one of my donations regarding the 303Sq. I ran across a decal sheet from Third Group Decals regarding Spitfire Mk Vb/c at Old Dominion Contest and off we go. Naturally I had no Mk Vb models in my stash (Inventory). Scored a Hasagawa kit at Heritage -Con and at Canadian prices 😃.


    Model was mostly out of box except some Eduard Seatbelts . I did add an IFF Antenna from Uschi line and a higher mirror brace. O well, goodbye Basic Kit build.


    Don't look at the drooping gun barrels, I repaired them and had three guys from the model club verify alignment at our monthly meeting last night. The decals were ok except for the wing Insignia which had a smidgeon of white protruding from a section ,ended up having to use some weathering to correct.


    Paints were Gunze all around. GX 114 Flat clear coating for final finish. Oil paints for panel washes and Tamiya weathering colors for dirt and wear. I did try some hairspray techniques in the wing root areas, semi successful . The gunze aqueous Dark Green did not want to vacate the wing . The Gray on the starboard side behaved better.


    Thanks for looking 

    Comments always Welcome


    Bill D.





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  5. Recent Group-Build /Theme for Pittsburgh IPMS Club was the 80s. I discovered a Fujimi 1/72 Sea Harrier from our in-House Dealer(Pusher) and at $7.00 started down the Rabbit hole.


    Yes.. Resin Interior,Master Models Pitot and a second kit for Falkland Markings had me following the white Rabbit.


    Cut Canopy open,Added a few antenna, Opened up some vents and out challenging was dropping Engine vents for Ground Ops.


    Gunze Dark Sea Gray, GX-100 and Markings for HMS Invincible . Please note "007" how could I not choose this 😃.


    Thanks for Looking

    Comments Always Welcome

    Cheers Bill


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