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  1. Try this link http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-S-75-Volkhov.html Click on other topics like Acquisition Radar etc. for more detailed info. The Vans were like big rig trailers with a fifth wheel on a bogie ( like a tandem trailer) so they can be towed by reguler trucks.
  2. try this link http://www.tracks-n-troops.eu/shop/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=98 I bought the SNR- 75 Fan Song and the P-12 kits. A little pricy but nice kits if you are good with multi media kits. The Fan song is resin and lots of photo etch. The P-12 is the ICM ZIL -131 kit with resin and PE parts. I also hava a Planet Models SA- 2 (S-75) resin and the Gran C-75 (SA-2) injected plastic . Both kits are nice with the Planet Models having better detail but the usual problem with resin kits. Some warping and having to use super glue or epoxy. Gran kit is a little more basic but easier for you to add details being injection molded. Only thing missing now for a site is the Transport trucks and the vans for the operators.
  3. Hi all, I am attempting my first Car model since 1972 and need some help. I am looking for a series of articles in Scale Auto Magazine titled "Hot Rod V-8s, chapters 1-3". Thet were in issues Feb Apr and June 2007. Can anyone with these magazines scan, copy or offer to sell these article/magazines. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Carl
  4. Hi Mike, who is your Volunteer Coordinator? I would like to Volunteer some time at the Nats. Carl

  5. I recently bought a couple of there 1`/72 scale MiG-15s and though the parts count is low and construction is very easy they build up very nice. They lack the details in the cockpit but they are the most accurate MiG -15 it this scale. I recently saw one built up at our annual contest built oob and it was georgious. Aries has recently released( I saw them on the Hannants site) some aftermarket cockpit interior sets for the BiS and the UTI and am waiting till they arrive to build mine. I have only fitted the parts together and the fit is very good only minimal seams to fill. As well or better then some Japanese manufactures kits. I have read that the accuracy is hit or miss on some kits but for the price I can live with a couple of duds as long as there arn't too many. Carl
  6. I have had success with both Sprue Brother's and Great Models. Sprue Brothers shows how many of the items are currently in stock which I find very good. They also allow you to go on a waiting list . They will send you an e-mail when the item comes in and ask if you are still interested if it isn't in stock. Great Models also shows if the item is in stock or not. Sometimes they will take awhile to get some stuff in stock especally Aries Quick boost and Eduard. I think they also have problems getting this stuff. If it shows an item in stock they usually are pretty quick at sending it out. I usually try to only order stuff that is in stock. If I do order something and it goes back order I have them ship what is on hand and have the rest sent after it comes in. Both usually only take about a week till I get the items. Hope this helps and good luck. Carl
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