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  1. I picked up a few of these kits from Squadron for the kids for $5 each. That's better than some of the deals I have found in China. I took a peek inside and looked at the overal quality and here are my first impressions looking at the FW-190D-9 kit: Boxing: Nice. The parts fit into a nice plastic blow molded tray Plastic: Good Quality and thick, not like the early Academy kits which in my opinion suffered from plastic that was too thin just seemed a to be of a lower quality. Moldings: No visible ejector or sink marks. Nice recessed panel lines with good rivet detail. Surface is a little rough in places but I imaging after a light coat of primer and light sanding they will not be noticable. The wing is a single piece solid molded wing. Same for the fuselage. Needless to say, this contributes greatly to the generaly hefty of these models Kit Fit: THis thing almost snaps together without cement. We have trial fitted a few pieces, but have not assembled it yet. Copkpit detail: Poor, well maybe better than poor, the bucket seat is moulded into the cockpit which is moulded into the fuselage. There is no joystick or instrument panel. Overall, I think they are great starter kits for kids. They look easy to assemble, with only 3-4 major steps and less than 30 parts. These might even make excellent make-and-take kits for contests Does anyone else have any thoughts on these kits? If anyone is interested, I can post some photos.
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