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  1. Man...As much as I've worked with photobucket and different forums...I sometimes feel like I haven't learned very much...LOL As many times as they change things....I guess I AM learning ALL the TIME... The RESIN that I use is SMOOTH-ON. It's good stuff. It doesn't have any Oder to it all all..cures in 70 minutes for demold.
  2. Thanks Mark...the pics are supposed to be clickables. I didn't leave a note to everyone on that. It's there now though.Some are working and some aren't. I'll go back in and see what Photobucket did or I didn't do...(was probably me...go figure...eh?? LOL)
  3. This build is based off of the Monogram 1952 KK Midget kit. I remember a few yrs back that some folks thought it was a 20th scale kit. But it scales out to be 1/18th. With that in hand I went to work and built a Vintage Kurtis Kraft body and updated the safety features to run on track in the Vintage series that runs all over our Nation today. On to the build... The Kit comes in RED plastic...so..everything that is seen in white plastic is scratch built parts. The motor needed to have the head cut in and the two cam covers fabbed... First pic is kit part... (CLick on Picture for larger view) New in/out(tranny) made along with drive line and rearend.. Seat and Rollbar along with new nerfbars where fabbbed from evergreen plastic rod and half round..wheels and tires are made in house also.... Chassis was also fabbed from Evergreen rod. The first firewall was plastic..but changed to Aluminum... Webber side Drafts are used on this offy. I made a mold a poured these from the mold. The intake manifold was fabbed from plastic rod aslo..Radiator from parts box....The return water hose that mounts in the head is fabbed from plastic rod. The Rolling chassis is ready for paint at this point. That will come in the next post. Thank you for looking folks!!
  4. Thank you for the WARM welcome folks.......
  5. Man Dave..This is going to be ANOTHER Killer build bud!! Do ya think it will be ready for BILLET PROOF this weekend?? I know the 1/43 36 that I'm trying to finish won't be. Oh well....I'll get'er done soon...
  6. Very Cool Looking Nova James. You've done the "SLEEPER" look to the "T". I picked that kit up also. Was thinking of making it into a short Track Super Stocker.... I remember in the late 60's and 70's..a lot of folks really loved those Novas'. Chevelle's where right up there too....
  7. Hey there Mark....Thanks for the WELCOME.... Racecars I've got plenty of(short Track). 112th and Waller is just down the street from me. I live behind PLU on wheeler st. I'll shoot you an email bud...Thanks again...
  8. Hey Dick...Thank you for the WELCOME... Yes I have heard of the Green Dragons. Infact I think That I meet a few guys from the club last weekend at the IPMS Show at Fort Warden, Port Townsend, Wa. Really enjoyed the show and it's A very Cool Place. It really reminded me a lot of North Fort at Ft. Lewis. All wooden buildings and they where kept up nicely. Anthony's is a good place to eat. Been there a few times myself. I'm a musician and I' ve had the opportunity to eat at A lot of the Restaurants in this area. That one Ranks as a GOOD one.
  9. Hello from Tacoma,Wa. First Time on this forum and a NEW IPMS member. I've built in scale for 50 some yrs and really enjoy it. In the past 20yrs I've stayed with the Automotive side...mostly racing(NO....NASCAR THOUGH). Alot of the short Track cars, some straight line stuff. The Military side of the scale is where I started when I recieved my first 1/72 plane for my 9th B-DAY. I really don't remember what it was. I do know it was Gray in color though...I spent 8 yrs( or pretty close to that) in the Army (70-77) and plan on doing a few of the vehicles that I had an importunity to either Train on... or work with. I also like ALL the WWI and WWII airplanes. I plan on doing a few of my Favs in the near future. Right now I'm building a 1/43 36 Ford Modified with a f-150 pull truck and Trailer. Looking forward to seeing some of the GREAT Art work(builds) that Everyone does here.
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