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    Jiménez Salas
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    Granada, Spain
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    Customization of models scale 1/10
  1. ... Magnificent Iroquois warrior so appropriately westernized. I like. Congratulations. ... Jorge.
  2. ... Greetings fellow. I recommend you see and hear the video of dioramas in my website, which is 1880 Canadian society composed of the NWMP The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Miners, traders and trappers and Indian peoples. With their interests and conflicts. Pictures followed with Celtic music, combines very well and makes this video, a pleasant adventure to hear and see. To see it ...: Enter my website. In N.W.M.P. View fotovideo.
  3. .... :drillsergeant: I've refurbished my website. It is dedicated only to models in 1/10 scale. Has custom models and go introducing new adventures. New: models, figures, accessories, vehicles, dioramas dioramas and new videos with thrilling action adventure. With special interest in a video of dioramas (photovideo) of (N.W.M.P. ) I invite you to see it. ---------------------------------------------------------- http://zurribulli.ucoz.com/index.html ---------------------------------------------------------- Sincerely ... Jorge.
  4. ... :drillsergeant: In the dioramas in this video, you can see two machine guns. Bren machine gun and Browning machine gun. See again PhotoVideo the Kokoda adventure. ------------------------------------------------------------------- http://zurribulli.ucoz.com/index.html ------------------------------------------------- Jorge. :drillsergeant:
  5. ... Many things. ... Superb. Congratulations on the diorama. Thanks for showing it. :army7:
  6. ... :drillsergeant: Greetings fellow. I will show a collection of Apache Indians of the tribe of the Chiricaua. Of this tribe belonged the famous Indian Geronimo. What is included in my collection and then I edited your photo along with two of his acolytes warriors. Geronimo is the middle figure. ..: ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- http://zurribulli.ucoz.com/index.html ------------------------------------------------------------- This is a collection with 9 Indians and here I show only 3. To see the entire collection of Apache Indians go ..: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Enter my website. - Scale 1/10. - Website: Far West. / Cartulinas. ------------------------------------------------ Carefully... Jorge. :drillsergeant:
  7. Congratulations mate ajlafleche by Apache Indian bust it. I like the decorations you have. He makes a genuine Chiricaua Apache. Sincerely ... Jorge.... :drillsergeant:
  8. ... :drillsergeant: More customizing figures. Greetings fellow. In my website there's a new video of dioramas. A new pájina dedicated to the war between Australia and Japan during WWII. Adventure in Papua New Guinea. The famous call: Kokoda Trail. To see this collection of 12 custom shapes and scale 1/10 visit their pájina where there is the video of dioramas ... Kokoda. Go ...: --------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- http://zurribulli.ucoz.com/index.html --------------------------------------------------------------------- - Enter my website. - Scale 1/10. - Website: Kokoda. ------------------------------------Sincerely ... Jorge. :drillsergeant:
  9. lalo

    the camaraderie

    ... :drillsergeant: Greetings fellow. Something as simple as the camaraderie is what a diorama, just try to reflect. German soldiers during WWII carry a wounded comrade. Fallschirmjäger camaraderie. ...: ------------------------------------------------- http://zurribu.ucoz.com/f3-16.JPG ------------------------------------------------ http://zurribulli.ucoz.com/index.html ------------------------------------------------- To see more videos of dioramas dioramas or go ..: ------------------------------------------------------- - Enter my website. - Scale 1/10. - Website: Fallschirmjäger ... ----------------------------------------- Jorge. :m1helmet:
  10. ... Images with better definition of the collection of Apache Indians. ..: ------------------------------------------------------ http://zurribui.ucoz.com/c010.jpg ----------------------------------------------------- http://zurribui.ucoz.com/c011.jpg ----------------------------------------------------- http://zurribui.ucoz.com/c012.jpg ----------------------------------------------------- http://zurribulli.ucoz.com/index.html ----------------------------------------------------- To see more custom shapes of the Far West ... go ..: ----------------------------------------------------------------- - Enter my website. - Scale: 1/10. - Location: Far West. / Cartulinas. ------------------------------------------------ Jorge.
  11. ... Introduction to this issue. ...: (Video Adventure customized dioramas with figures scale 1/10) By mandate of the United Nations Organization, the UN troops are sent on mission, where the conflict there. The goal is to maintain the security, prosperity, for the international geo-strategic balance. These are "stories of today." (The international peacekeepers.) I invite you to see a "Photovideo" of dioramas with figures of this issue. 'To see this new page and the video go ...: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Enter my website. - Scale 1/10. - Website: Actual / Soldados XXI. PHOTOVIDEO. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm going to edit a small part of this collection of custom shapes, specially constructed for the realization of this "Photovideo" ----------------------------------------------------- http://zurrib.ucoz.com/espa2.jpg ---------------------------------------------------- http://zurrib.ucoz.com/liban2.jpg ---------------------------------------------------- http://zurribulli.ucoz.com/index.html ---------------------------------------------------- Regards ... Jorge.
  12. lalo

    Army Mule. WWII

    .... Thanks Mark Aldrich. I send the link to the page of my website where the mule and more animals. All animals are in scale 1 / 10. Sincerely ... Jorge. ... Gracias Mark Aldrich. Os envío el enláce de la página de mi website donde está la mula y más animales. Todos los animales son de escala 1/10. -------------------------------------------------------------- http://zurribui.ucoz.com/mainFrame6.html -------------------------------------------------------------- http://zurribulli.ucoz.com/index.html -------------------------------------------------------------- ATéntamente... Jorge. ;)
  13. lalo

    Army Mule. WWII

    <BR closure_uid_jp3ice="13115" Tc="null">... :) Greetings fellow enthusiasts. Sometimes the most appropriate transport vehicle, not a motorcycle or a jeep. Indeed, to reach places through mountains or forests, with the mules is simply the best.<BR closure_uid_jp3ice="13116" Tc="null">I edit a picture of a mule to carry weapons and ammunition to the army during WWII Australian.<BR closure_uid_jp3ice="13117" Tc="null">---------------------------------------------------<BR closure_uid_jp3ice="13118" Tc="null">http://zurribui.ucoz.com/A33.jpg<BR closure_uid_jp3ice="13119" Tc="null">--------------------------------------------------<BR closure_uid_jp3ice="13120" Tc="null">To see more pictures of this mule and more animals to go:<BR closure_uid_jp3ice="13121" Tc="null">--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR closure_uid_jp3ice="13122" Tc="null">- Enter my website.<BR closure_uid_jp3ice="13123" Tc="null">- Scale 1 / 10.<BR closure_uid_jp3ice="13124" Tc="null">- Location: Far West / Animales.<BR closure_uid_jp3ice="13125" Tc="null">------------------------------------------------- Sincerely ... Jorge.;)
  14. ... Very good diorama. I like these figures in the trenches. Congratulations. ...... Jorge.
  15. ... Greetings. These figures are a particular custom cartoon of my childhood dreams. (Figures 1 / 10 scale taken from my website.)<BR closure_uid_fpca5="876">----------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://zurribui.ucoz.com/c009.jpg ---------------------------------------------- http://zurribui.ucoz.com/c013.jpg<BR closure_uid_fpca5="877">------------------------------------------------ Yours ... Jorge.
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