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  1. That looks great! Did you refer to the old Airfix magazine convrsion article, or plan it all on your own? I've just been thinking I need to re-read that book, followed by C.S. Forester's "The Ship", another good cruiser novel.
  2. Thanks, Gil. That was just what I needed to hear. I have just been trying to get the nerve up to start some seatbelts. You airoplane guys make it look so good, I hope it doesn't take too long to get the technique. Rick
  3. Indeed they are photo-etched. The real one has an odd shape - not just a cone, but a tapered-kinda thing. (I didn't take enough geometry in college to properly define the hyperboloid thingie.) I guess I was lucky to start with the forward one. The curve seems constant for the lower part, and then the platform happens at the junction of lower and upper. On the after mast, the platform is in the middle of the lower part, so there will be a visible junction for the top to bottom halves. And for both of them, the photo-etch wraps around and has to be glued to join. That vertical joining line seems kind of like the seam on the back of ladies' nylons. It's perfectly obvious it has to be theer, but it's perfectly obvious that it spoils the effect. Still and all, a fun learning experience.
  4. Still working on the project - about 60% done. Historically, Rhode Island was one of the Virginia class of pre-dreadnaughts which made the 1907 cruise with the Great White Fleet and was obsolete by the time she returned home in 1909. She lived on as a second class battleship and served as a convoy escort in WWI. On the other hand, Chris mentioned the ships that were sold to Greece - they were Idaho and Mississippi (probly because nobody could spell it). And indeed, it would be fun to fun to make a model of a Greek WWI subject in an event like this.
  5. I'm still plugging on the USS Rhode Island kit. It took a lot of effort to get the deck right, and it doesn't show well in this light. Along the way, I have been working on another WWI kit as a bit of a warm-up for Rhode Island. The White Ensign HMS Chester cruiser has been a little more work than I excpected. It is presently 50-60% complete; still needing davits, railings, masts and rigging.
  6. The Rhode Island kit is from Niko, rather than Samek. After I finally got things all written out, it turns out that each of the US old battleship classes are either made by Niko or by Samek, but nothing is made by both manufacturers. Sounds kind like a non-compete agreement, but at this point we are the winner because we have kits for all the classes. This will be my first US cagemast build, so I am hoping for the best.
  7. This sounds like fun. I will be working on USS Rhode Island, a predreadnought which served om Atlantic convoy duty dring the US period f involvement in WWI. Rick
  8. John, On my Revell kit, I used Gold Medal Models' 1/400 Warship PE set (found that 1/400 looked better on the kit than 1/350) and L'Arsenal 1/350 40mm guns. Didn't need any 20mms for my 1965 variant. The L'Arsenal guns also came with some small PE hanwheels which I used for steering wheels in the LCVPs.
  9. for the Haskell class Attack Transport, Revell boxed their 1/376 offering as USS Randall APA-224 and USS Montrose APA-212 . Same plastic. Renwal produced that class in 1/500 as USS Sarasota APA-204. Same ship, just different scale. As same-scale companion to Sarasota, they also produced USS Seminole AKA-104. Where the APA had lots of small LCVP craft to get the grunts to te beach, the AKA had much heavier masts and bigger LCM boats instead of the LCVPS, to get trucks, tanks and equipment to the beach. Revell also produced USS Burleigh APA-95, which was a Bayfield class ship instead of the Haskell class ship in the book/movie. In 1/700 scale, Loose Cannon Productions has a Haskell class in resin. I don't mind the Revell Montrose kit too much. A few years ago, I made one as USS Navarro as modified in during the Viet Nam era to present to a friend who had been a crewman on Navarro. I put a bunch of work into it, particularyly the boats to get a good represntative look.
  10. That is lovely. I don't normally gravitate to customs, but your paint and engine detailing look great! The grille looks great, I thought it was a kit-provided part. It must have been really tough to get that kind of alignment to work so well. Rick
  11. I normally build in 1/700, but I made an exception with the old Revell Montrose kit, made as a gift to a Viet Nam veteran who served on USS Navarro USS Independence CVL-22, Skywave kit 1/700 Canadian Flower class corvette HMCS Kamloops, from White Ensign Bluebell kit 1/700 HMS Khedive, from Skywave HMS Tracker kit 1/700 USS Alabama BB-60, Haswgawa kit 1/700 USS Duncan, FFG-10, from Skywave USS Oliver Hazard Perry kit 1700 Rick Heinbaugh
  12. For a late answer about the Midship Models kit... The four-stacker is nothing like their injection-molded Mahan and Gridley class ships. The Ward kit is a resin update of the old Classic Warships kit, I believe. The greatest weakness is that the unique small parts are in white metal, and are pretty rough. The generic small parts come from the standard injection-molded sprue that Midships adapted from Skywave accessory parts. Not great, but generally usable. The Ward has a very nice brass PE set, and a cute little Japanese mini-sub in the white metal parts. The price wa prett reasonable - $30-$40 - and I am quite happy with the kit. Can't say the same for the Benson/Gridleys and Mahans. Rick
  13. Collector's item indeed. That is the U.S.-released Airfix box. Shortly after that, the U.S. boxes said CraftMaster on the box and on the instructions. I have one of those in the stash somewhere, but I don't know if they share the same speling glitch. Rick
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