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    Main rotor blade leading edges took sometime to mask off, but their done. On most of the photos that I have seen, the color looks like silver with a touch of gold. I added sandpaper to the gear bays for a non-slip surface. Everything is closed up now. On the main rotor cowling, there are two round windows on the actual aircraft. I'm guessing to check fluid levels. I drilled them out, and added some clear parts from my scrap/leftover box. Forgot to added the rest of the decals to the main rotor head. Had to add nuts, and bolt heads from MENG to the rotor arms as well. The blade holders are done now to. Adding rivets took sometime. They are great to use. One thing you need to make sure before you prime, is that you blend in the edges of the decal film with Solvaset. My first time using Mr. Finishing Surfacer. I sprayed it into a plastic cup to decant it. Let it sit for about 5 minutes, then put it in my airbrush.