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News: Slixx Decals Going Out of Business


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Slixx Decals posted on their Facebook account, as well as their website, that they are shutting down their business.


Slixx stated that once their final sheets, that are in the pipeline, are released they will sell off all remaining stock and close the doors.


I'm posting this so any builders who might have any future drag racing projects in mind can get a jump on the remaining decals.


I will miss this company. The quality has always been good and Becky and Gene were great to deal with. I still have some of their NASCAR decals from when they had the license.


It is very hard to keep a decal business running when the two main producers of plastic drag racing kits hardly put out any product, especially modern subjects.


Licensing costs have greatly diminished drag racing kits. I believe it has been 10 years since a modern Top Fuel kit has been produced. Even longer for a modern Funny Car...

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