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Thank you for reading my new post. I am the owner of a hobby shop in central Florida and came across a huge collection of plastic models. I became


interested in this collection to use to stock the shelves of the plastics isle in my store. All of the models are unbuilt some are still in shrink wrap the rest are


%100 complete. The ones that are not wrapped have the decals and instructions placed in ziplock bags. There are almost 900 pieces in all categories, from all


manufactures. Manufactures I have never heard of before from Russia Japan and Europe. Now for the good part, Most of these models Have been


discontinued and date back to the mid 1950's. So needless to say I don't think it would be such a great idea to just through these models on my shelves to


sell to the general public. So that brings me here looking for some sound advise on what to do with this product. What is the best way to value them? Some I


was able to find on Ebay, and on the internet for sale, but most I can not find any trace of I know the value (not necessarily monetary) is great to some. This is


why I think it would be a shame to sell them to some kid to take home and paint with there moms nail polish. Advise Please.



Thank you.

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Hi Rob! First question (since I'm a Floridian) is exactly WHERE is your shop in central FL? I'll be attending the Orlando show in a few weeks and a trip to your store to see this collection sounds very tempting.


As to figuring "values" for such a collection, your best bet would be to find a copy of the "Kit Collectors Clearinghouse", or "Kit Collectors Guide" that was published by John Burns. I think it's not being printed anymore (John retired), and I'm not sure how old the last edition would be (mine dates from the 80s!); but it covers EVERY type of plastic kit manufactured up to the time of its edition. Even an older guide will help with the older "obscure" items you have. Barring that, Ebaying and advertising the items on this forum and other modeling forums will get them into the hands of modelers who actually appreciate them, and will also give you a better chance of maximizing the return on your investment. Hope this helps!


GIL :smiley16:

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