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Burglers And Vandals...Hate'em Both! Especially When I'm Their Target!


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On 12/10/2021 at 6:05 AM, Highlander said:

Our local police have basically stopped responding to burglary alarms.  I know folks who've reported response (if at all) times of over five hours.  More recently, the PD has announced that it will take burglary reports, but will not respond to most alarms -- which have to be registered and require a fee.  Now I have two friends who have hired private, armed security services.

I've heard a number of reports over the years that police departments are not legally responsible for protecting citizens

Adding to that information - the increase in crimes around urban areas since March 2020 doesn't help.

I do wonder if a local prosecutor may try to hold the security company's client responsible for any injury or death resulting from a break in.  

So far I have been unable to google any comments on that situation.

A Security Company should , however, provide one extra legal layer between the client and those who are committing a crime ;  better than an arrest for being directly responsible for what happens.

Hopefully the security companies won't be stretched thin by area crimes.


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