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RAF Squadrons 185 & 249


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I’m researching RAF Squadrons 185 & 249 as they served in Malta. Specifically, I’m looking for profiles and camouflage/color information for aircraft BR112 as flown by Sgt. Claude Weaver, and BR323 as flown by Sgt. George Beurling. I appreciate any information you might share.

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After doing on on-line search of "Malta Spitfire images" I found the following....

This set appears to have Sgt. Weavers Spitfire included....


And this one appears to have both on the sheet......


Although a bit small, the profiles on those sheets at least show the side codes and basic desert camo used for them.  You can do a more extensive search and maybe find out more...Hope this helps!


Gil :smiley16:


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Thanks for the leads, Gil.  I think this just illustrates how frustrating this process can be.  Both sheets suggest they were in basic desert schemes.  However, the Special Hobby decal sheet I have suggests they had distinctly blue shades (attached).  The Kits World image shows Peter Hanks' (PPH) aircraft also in basic desert colors.  But Historie & Collections Supermarine Spitfire Mk1 - Mk((-MkV (Vol. !) shows the "temperate" scheme, and has the photo to support.  I'll keep looking, but it feels like it's ultimately going to be "best guess."

I just found this photo of Claude Weaver's BR112; it clearly is not desert camo, looks like temperate......






spit-x - Claude Weaver.jpg

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