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Krylon and Rustoleum Equivalents


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Not sure if this goes in the Tips & Techniques forum or not, but here goes.

Some time ago I was reading a thread about the Model Master line of colors slowly going away and someone mentioned that Krylon made a flat olive drab that you could buy at Home Depot. I was able to find this and it matched both my MM bottle Olive Drab and my Tamiya spray so that was a good tip!

So that got me thinking what else might be out there and I bought a couple more as listed below:

Krylon Matte Glacier Gray, approx. FS 36628, similar to Camouflage Gray (FS 36622).

Rustoleum Light Gray Primer,  approx. FS 36300, similar to Dark Ghost Gray (FS 36320).

Krylon Matte Vintage Blue, approx. FS 35550, similar to Model Master Duck Egg Blue (FS 35622); Model Master 2 Blue (FS 35414), Flanker Pale Blue (actually a semi gloss) and French Light Blue Gray. 

I approximated the FS equivalents against my FS595B from 1989 so your interpretation may differ. Also, my 'similar to' suggestion is what I would use as I build only for myself, not competition, so these are 'close enough' for me! 

I'm sure there are others out there; does anyone else have a similar list?


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