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SUB seminar added to Jaxcon 2018 lineup!

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Commander Bob Tate will be giving a seminar at Jaxcon on Feb. 10th.: "How sumarines fly-underwater!" This is in addition to Dave "Bio" Baranek's seminar on teaching at Topgun and his involvement in the making of the movie "Topgun". We'll also have a couple of fully equipped WWII jeeps on hand for you armor types to take reference pics of.

Our vendors area is sold out once again, and our raffle will have more than 100 kits to have a chance at, including several that retail for over $100! Here's a pic of just some of them...



We have almost 100 categories for ALL types of models, including an Ace of Aces category that will allow you to bring a past winner and compete head-to-head against other past winners. Our main theme this year is celebrating 75yrs of Naval station Mayport, with a secondary theme of "Crazy 8s". Here's some pics of our awards you can compete for...





And here's the pin you'll get if your register for the contest or vend at Jaxcon..



Here's a link to our show info on our web page:http://ipmsfirstcoast.org/JAXCONInfoandDocuments.html


Our venue, the UNF University Center is fully carpeted, well lit, has free parking, an ATM, and a snack bar! If you are within driving distance of Jacksonville FL I want to invite all y'all to come join us at Jaxcon on Saturday, Feb. 10th for the FUN!


GIL :smiley16:

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