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Hangar 18's Cosmonaut


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This is another kit that has been in the stash so long I forget where I got the heads up on it.
The kit is 54mm, in a gray resin, with no flaws. The kit comes in 8 parts - the body, sputnik's globe, her head, helmet and the 4 antenna for Sputnik.

The only painting guide was the boxart. So for now I'm following that -



On the box, her hair is whited out, so I went back an forth between making her a redhead or blonde. The color in the image is Mahogany. In the end blonde won out, and her hair was brightened with a dry brushing of Dark Sand and then Iraqi Sand, both from Vallejo. I ended this session by gluing the antenna on Sputnik, and then giving it a coat of Gloss Black in preparation of giving it a shot of V's Metallics Chrome.


Til next session, thanks for looking.

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