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Tru-Color Paint Works on Shapeways 3-D Printed Parts

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We had been asked if Tru-Color Paint works on Shapeways 3-D printed parts used in model building. We can now definitely say YES. Tru-Color Paint can be hand OR air brushed onto Shapeways parts made with either FUD or FXD resin. Just follow the recommendations for using Shapeways parts by exposing them to sunlight or a UV lamp for an hour or so to fully cure any residual resin. As with any plastic part, make sure the surface is clean and you can apply ANY color on the part(s).

A custom painter (North Valley Trains) of locomotives that uses Tru-Color Paint exclusively for his projects showed us several shells painted in black, white and yellow. One shell was made with FUD (steam engine), the other (Norfolk Southern diesel) with FXD. We note that the only difference in the parts is the smoothness of the finished part, with the FXD being much smoother (but also much more costly) than the FUD part.

Trust this info helps. Let us know if there are any other questions regarding Tru-Color Paint and we will try to get them answered !

Martin Cohen, PhD
Tru-Color Paint

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