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Williams Bros. 1/72 C-46 Build Series, Part 4


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Hi all,


Finally back at it.


Just like the main gear wells, an insert supports the tail wheel but does nothing to represent the correct gear well appearance.




Here the main floor section has been installed. Notice that only the forward third, bulkhead and a small piece of the back actually make contact with the fuselage side.




This bottom view shows how much of the floor doesn't touch the fuselage.




Another angle shows the substantial gap that will have to be filled if you want to do an interior cutaway.




From the top, in order to keep the floor flat, it goes under the center stud and over the after stud. A second floor section will be installed on an incline so that it is level when sitting in a

3-point position for loading freight.




Some interior suggest that the forward bulkhead door is located in the center instead of offset behind the pilot's seat. Presumably this occurred on later (civil?) versions, the offset opening

being found on the early military birds. Since my client wanted a military version, I built his that way. If you want to center it, first outline the bulkhead on a piece of .020 styrene.




Then center the offset opening you'd cut in the original bulkhead and trace it on the new bulkhead. Now cut it out.




There you have it. A centered door in a new bulkhead, ready to install.




And finally a new centered door bulkhead/floor installed. This shot is for reference only since I will be replacing this bulkhead with my original bulkhead that was modified with an

offset door.







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