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A whole pile of Warship Pictorial books for sale

Rusty White

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I have almost 35 Warship Pictorial series of books (most in consecutive order) I want to sell. ALL of them are near perfect to perfect condition. No marks, folds, price tags, damaged pages, or tears of any kind, anywhere, on any of them.
I want TO SELL THEM AS ONE LOT! Most of the issues are OOP. If you ever wanted to become a serious collector of these great ship books, here's your chance! Serious buyers only. I researched the cost of these issues on Abe Books and Amazon and the grand total is more than $2062.00.
I'll sell the lot for $1600.00. I'll pay Media Mail shipping to your doorstep. CONUS ONLY. However, you SHOULD INSURE them to protect your investment. If they don't sell, no going to eBay. If I don't sell them, I'll keep them.



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