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  1. Here is Stormtroopers Miniature’ 1/9 bust of an Iroquois as sculpted by Carl Reid. The warrior is depicted shortly after the defeat of General Braddock on the Monongahela in his expedition to capture Fort Duquesne, now known as Pittsburgh in 1755. The general was mortally wounded and his column took heavy casualties. The raiders, from a variety of tribes allied to the French, looted the abandoned supply train and casualties. Many took the coats as prizes and wore them proudly. In this case, the figure’s coat shows the colors of the 44th Regiment of Foot. He is painted primarily in Vallejo acrylics. The gorget was first covered in Bare Metal Foil then toned down with various washes. The base is cherry wood from Birch Tree Enterprises of Long Island.
  2. We are now just three weeks out from Valleycon 24 to be held 30 March at the Knights of Columbus Hall 460 Granby Road in Chicopee MA. Registration runs 9:00 am to noon with judging shortly after .that. Judging for automotive and aircraft will be standard IPMS 1-2-3 while all other categories will use the Open System. Our vendor area is filled with 69 tables, and the stock for the raffle is building up. Among the items which will be in the raffle are: 1/24 Revell Germany Ultimate Ferrari Set (3 kits in one box) 1/25 Polar Lights The Batmobile (2 snap tite kits in one box 1/32 Hobbycraft Models Wildcat F4F-4 1/32 Pegasus Aerial HK Machine –From Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1/35 P Panda Hobby Soviet Heavy Tank Object 279 1/1:350 Trumpeter USS Fort Worth LCS-3 1/1:48 Academy B-25G 'Shark Mouth 1/48 Kitty Hawk F-35A Lightning II Iwata NEO Gravity-Feed Dual-Action Airbrush 4 sets of 1 each 1/144 Dragon 54cm and 60 cm SP mortars 2 sets each of 4 1/144 Dragon Panzer Corps rail cars Our commercial vendors include Amato’s, Birch Tree Enterprises, Craftec Hobbies, Farina Enterprises, Hobby Bunker, Rare Plane Detectives, Red Frog Hobbies, Red Line Hobbies, Sentinel Miniatures, Time Machine Hobbies and Tom's Trains. To encourage the use of our forms available at our website we are offering 5 free raffle tickets to entrants who download and pre print their forms. The contest will feature a new Lego class to for our younger entrants and a wargaming class in the figure division. Both individual figures and groupings will be judged in this class using the open (gold-silver-bronze) system. To recognize the 50th anniversary of America’s quintessential pony car, the Mustang, we will have a special Mustang Corral. Entrants may present any model of any mustang in any scale style or, markings either for simple display or to be judged. Hog Heaven Hobbies of Sturbridge MA will present a $25 gift certificate for the best A-10. There will be on site food and drink and plenty of free parking. Hope to see many of you there.
  3. Thanks. My original post gives a list of sources for everything. It started life as this kit:
  4. Two recent items I completed from the HBO series Game of Thrones. The first is the70mm kit “Snow Knight” from the short l9ived Toisson Studio. It is obviously Jon Snow and his direwolf, Ghost The wolf and cape are resin and the rest is white metal. I was initially going to paint him in shades of brown, but in reading the books, he joined the Night’s Watch, who only wear black, very early on so it was back to the drawing board, more precisely, the paint tray. In any case, they are painted in acrylics, primarily Vallejo. The snow is a product from an source lost to the ages, just a small zip lock bag in my scenery drawers applied with AK Interactive Pigment Sealer. Thanks to Dan Capuano for that method. The base is from Birch Tree Enterprises, aka, John Jeffries. I had him make it for me for a different figure but that wasn’t going to work. I played with the idea of the rough side to the front with the figures facing down the slope then decided to take a different route, allowing for the title. “Winter is Coming,” which is the motto of Jon Snow’s father’s house Stark. For those unfamiliar with the story, the character is an illegitimate son and cannot carry his father’s name and is given the surname Snow. Next is a bust of Tyrion Lannister, aka The Imp, from Castle Miniatures. The kit is finely cast in three pieces of resin: cloak, shoulder armor and everything else. He is painted in acrylics except for the black on the shadow cat cloak which is Model master enamel and the dark metal of the armor which is Buffing Gun Metal from the Model Master Metalizer line applied with an airbrush and buffed out with Q-Tips. His hair is painted in light blond as described in the books and his eyes are mismatched green and very dark brown, described as black in the books. Again, the base is from Birch Tree Enterprises. I found the Lannister banner on line.
  5. In just about two months, Valleycon 24 will take place at the Knights of Columbus on Granby Road in Chicopee MA. Today, we sold out our vendor room with 48 individual vendors who will display on 68 tables. There are Among the vendors are Rare Planes Detective, Sentinel Miniatures, Birch Tree Enterprises, Red Frog Hobbies, Craftec (Windsor CT), Time Machine (Mancheter CT) Amatos (New Britain CT) farina Enterprises, Tom's Trains of CT, and the Hobby Bunker (Malden MA) as well as numerous private dealers and the club table. Our raffle will have a brand new Iwata Neo airbrush. The contest will feature a War Game Figure/display categor for the first time as well as a Lego class for youngsters.
  6. Keeping it fresh...I wasn't under a strict timeline so I worked at a more leisurely pace. I'd send him in progress shots as I went along. I don't often do aircraft so I had to dig back into my skills for some of the techniques and plan tings out. I also tried a new antenna method using stretchy necklace material from Michael's. I drilled holes where they'd be attached and glued them first to the radio compartment. Them I inserted the other end, wing or tail, and pulled it tighter than it needed it to be and put a drop of Zap-A-Gap with accelerator and let it go...nice and tight with flexibility. I had to rethink attacment to the base for so may items and used stainless steel wire to hold all the wheeled items and the scaffold down. So, some "freshness" came from being out of my normal comfort zone. I scratched the requested scaffold and did some detail work on the cart with spare PE. The Jeep driver's upper half is Verlinden and bottom half is Hasegawa. The owner thought about getting PE details, including interior detail sets. I convinced him it would be a waste of time and money since the dio will be in a plexiglas case as well as closed up and never be seen by anyone but me and him (in the pictures I was sending him.) . Other than that, stuff is pretty much OOB.
  7. Thanks again for the kind words. The tarmac was printed from this poster at Armorama. I printed several pages, cut them to size and attached them with Elmer's Wood Glue.
  8. "Shep Paine-ish"? Hokey Smokes, GIl, what a complement!
  9. I just finished this 1/48 diorama as a commission using the Revellogram B-17G, Tamiya Ford staff car, Hasegawa , Accurate Miniatures cart and Verlinden and kit figures. Video
  10. 400 plus images from the Long Island Show held on 16 November 2013 can be seen at I put these up on Picasa
  11. Thanks, guys. Dannie, you might consider scanning the articles you want to keep. A thumb drive with decent memory will hold them all until you need them.
  12. Here is Author Sculpt’s 200mm US Indian Scout bust. The figure is cast in white metal with braided wire for the braid from the helmet to the collar. The kit comes also comes with a sheet of foil for the chin strap to which I added two Historex buckles. He is wearing a full dress pattern 1880 uniform with braid particular to the Indian scouts, with one white and one scarlet thread.
  13. Here is La Meridiana’s 200 mm Great Lakes Warrior form 1763, during Pontiac’s Rebellion following the French and Indian War. He is wearing French military style clothing with native accessories. The figure is similar to one in Osprey’s Great Lakes Indians book. The tribe could be any of several from the region including the Ottowa. I used fly tying feathers since the molded ones werte too heavy.
  14. My workshop has recently been updated. My wife’s office was getting rid of a small desk and she offered it to me. That has become my paint station. The big desks also came from one of her office remodeling projects. The last desk dates back to my high school days. The lights are from yard sales, except for Marvin the Martian who was a present from my brother.
  15. ajlafleche


    Here is a new figure from a new company, Shamrock Miniatures, title (redundantly) Irish Leprechaun. He’s listed as 1/35 and comes to chest height on a normal 1/35 figure. He’s cast in resin with the body from neck down as one piece. The head is separate. The base has a small log behind the position for the figure. There are three resin mushrooms which can be placed anywhere. He is carrying a shillelagh but the back part of the handle was lost so I replaced it with plastic rod. In presenting him, I wanted a pot of gold. Lacking a pot, I found an old Historex pitcher and cut it down and drilled it out. The gold coins were cut from a 1mm plastic rod and dropped into the pot. Thanks to our friend, Mr. Static Electricity, this was harder than expected. The coins were fixed into the pot with a small drop of AK Interactive pigment fixer. The ground work is Silfor tufts over Celluclay. The base is from Birch Tree Enterprises. He is painted in Vallejo Acrylics. I got him from Sentinel Miniatures at Baycon just over a week ago.
  16. Thanks, guys, I'm pretty happy with it and it took first in Scratch, Vac and Conversion armor at Baycon yesterday.
  17. I have completed my attempt at a USSOCOM GMV, aka Dumvee. I don’t know the derivation of Dumvee from Humvee, but I’ve seen the term in reference to a well armed patrol vehicle used by Special Ops forces. The parts used are as follows with paints from Vallejo and AK Interactive. Weathering was done with AK products and old school pastel chalks. The wheels were designed to be used with a Tamiya Humvee and have posts in the wheels. The Academy kit has posts on the drive shafts. I had to remove the posts and drill holes to accommodate the wheels. This allowed me to adjust the holes to get thewheels level. Unfortunately, when applying the ground work, I added more water than I normally would so the surface would be easier to work. This caused the first warped base on decades. That meant the nice level wheel, needed to be shored up from below with more ballast, epoxy glue, water effects and othe products. Academy: M1025 Chassis and body Black Dog: Back Packs Detail master: Wiring for radios and antennas Legend: Ibis Tec bumper Seats Radio and Computer Live Resin: M249 Roof Gun and Mount Spare M249 Ammunition Drums and Holders M240 Door Guns and Mounts Spare 7.62 Ammunition cans AT-4 Rocket Launchers Pro Arts: Interior Roof Brace & Details Spare Tire Jack Satellite Radio Antenna Radio GPS Wheels Rear Air Recognition Flag Scratchbuit: Seat belts Antenna masts Under body armor Tissue top and Apoxie Sculpt side curtains Seat Armor Rear Bumper Deck Bungee Cords and Straps Various: Tow Rope Tarps, Bed Rolls, Cooler, Bottled Water Boxes Verlinden: Side Roof Supports Antenna Mounts
  18. Good job on this ancient kit. I like that it's painted to look clean and not overdone with dirt, mud, chipping, streaks and grime. That guy sitting on the side has great flexibility in his neck!
  19. Thanks for the kind words, guys. This is a speculative vehicle, Patrick. Hopefully realistic if not authentic.
  20. Here is Academy’s 1/35 M998 IED Guntruck with a few mods and their sources. Painted with Vallejo Model Color and weathered with AK Interactive and pastels. The “Hillbilly armor” was painted with AK Interactive’s rust set. Live Resin: M134D Minigun and accessories M240 and pintle Ammunition cans Spare M240 barrel Pro Arts: Front Seats Swing Arm Verlinden: Mesh in brush guard Antenna mounts RB: Minigun barrels Academy: Seats repositioned to the rer DEF Wheels Cooler Legend: Tow bar Dragon: SMAW Archer Rear warning sign Detail Master: Wiring for radios, Minigun and antennas Various: Radios Scratchbuit: Computer Seat belts Rear strap Antenna masts Under body armor plates
  21. There are plenty of steampunk themed figures, including a number in 75 mm, about 1/24. Take a look at http://www.redlancers.com/ as well as http://www.timelinesforum.com/ and http://www.planetfigure.com/forum/.
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