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  1. MFCA= Miniature Figure Collectors of America, Their show is going on 75 years and is usually held at the hotel across the road from Valley Forge National Park. There is talk they will combine with the bi-annual APG (Artists Preservation Group) next year.
  2. Too bad you couldn't make it this year.
  3. Here is a large gallery of photos from MFCA 2015
  4. These four figures will debut at this weekend’s MFCA show in Valley Forge.
  5. Thanks, Gil. The Cessna is ESCI and the Piper is Minicraft and is currently available. I believe the Cessna might be, too, under another label.
  6. Here are two just completed commissions in 1/48. Both are posed on a 6X9plaque. The base is Celluclay sealed with tinted and thinned white glue and the water is EnviroTex resin. Rigging is elastic jewelry cord based on an internet search. The first, a Cessna, was provided by my client. Unfortunately, the box had been damaged by water and the decals were unusable. I scanned and retouched them then tried printing them. The letters were corrupted and couldn’t be used so I dredged up some letters and numbers on old decal sheets. The only decals are the tail emblem and the walkways on the floats. Everything else was masked and airbrushed. The blues are from the regular Vallejo Model Color line and the white from a Testor’s rattle can. The second is a Piper Super Cub. Again Testor’s rattle can white but this time with Testor’s Gloss red airbrushed as needed. Kit decals were used since this was a new kit.
  7. I present Rushen Glenn. The Glenn half is pointing to his famous Flip Chart of Confusion ™. He (it?) half is being telecast by a newly patented All In One Television Droid™ which has its own battery pack, four adjustable legs on powered casters, a camera, light and monitor to rapidly follow the Flow Chart of Conspiracy ™ Meanwhile the Rushen half puffs a stogie and pontificates into his Everlasting Insanity in Broadcasting Transmitter ™ The figure is the ostensibly 1/35 Smog figure, Humpty and Dumpty. The rest of the artifacts are kit bashed with various 1/35 parts and wire from my spares or scavenged from kits. The camera device is built around a couple sights and a light from Live Resin.
  8. Thanks, guys. Kevin, yes. Live Resin is generally very easy to use. The attachment points are very small for the weapons themselves or along the base of sights. As with any resin, gun barrels are somewhat fragile. the suppressor on the Mk 12 rifle (the guy behind the guy petting the dog) broke off and was lost on the first one and broke off but was reattached on the second one I used. The only issue I've had with them is the spade grip on some of their M2 and M3 .50 caliber MG's. They are almost too delicate to exist and break very easily. The variety of weapons is outstanding. The masters are designed with advanced 3D printing and the final product shows amazing detail. I haven't had any issues with warping in even the finest parts. Their M134 kits are a bit fiddly and it's hard to see how some components attach, but they are miles ahead of the Legend kits and those supplied by Dragon for their H-6 helos.
  9. Thanks, guys. I delivered it yesterday and my customer was thrilled.
  10. Thanks. I have a second one I'm doing for myself. It will have a couple differences, however.
  11. We are now just 4 weeks out from Wings & Wheels Modelers’ Valleycon 25 on 29 March at the Knights of Columbus Hall,460 Granby Rd. Chicopee MA. We are known for our large venue, with an upstairs room full of vendors and our contest dispay room in the well lit downstairs hall. We have again expanded our vending area to one wall of the display room to give our guests more options in purchases. We will have almost 70 vendor tables. Among our well known vendors are Rare Planes Detective, The Hobby Bunker, Sentinel Miniatures, Farina Enterprises, Birch Tree Enterprises, Craftec Hobbies, Amato’s Hobbies, Turn 4 Hobbies, Time Machine Hobbies, and HobbyWorld. Our contest features traditional IPMS style 1-2-3 judging for the automotive and aircraft categories. All other categories are judge by the so called Open System wherein your entry is judged on its own merits and you will be rewarded accordingly. We will again feature a Wargame Figure/Army class for those interested in that area who might feel intimidated at competing with more traditional figures. We have 14 special awards, including best Closed Wheel Competition Sports Car, Best Display, Best Groundwork, Best Female Figure and Best Auto Paint. We continue with a huge kit raffle. Some of the prizes include Meng’s M2A3 with full interior, Academy’s 1/35 AH-60L DAP, the Hobby Boss 1/48 P-61, the Fine Molds Jedi Starfighter, Tamiya’s F50 Ferrari, and Academy’s 1/700 RMS Titanic. We have posted our forms at our website. Those presenting prefilled from the website will receive two free raffle tickets. Hope to see many if you there. For more information contact me at ajlafleche@comcast.net.
  12. Here is a just completed commission based on the 1/35 Meng SOF pick up posed with the Masterbox “Somewhere in the Middle East” figures. The dog comes from a Tamiya DAK set of a few years ago and he was drafted to account for the guy in the middle crouching. The figure with the Barretts has the legs and hat from the Meng kit’s figure, the torso and arms from spare part and the head from an Academy M1114 figure. The weapons are a combination of weapons from the Masterbox set and Live Resin. I printed the flag and applied thinned white glue (aka Elmer’s School Glue) to the insides before folding it over. The moistened paper is easy to pose with folds and creases. The gear in the back comes from a variety of sources. The truck and tires were dusted with AK interactive pigment. I know the flag should not be posed that way, nut my customer wanted the truck to resemble this:
  13. These have gone to their new home today to the pleasure of the new owner. :gold-plane:
  14. Her e are two recent commission projects: Revell’s 1/144 C-17 and Italerie’s 1/48 AC-130U. The gunship has a custom made decal for the nose art. The design was requested by my customer. He will be showing this gear up and in flight, so I made acetate “spinning” props.
  15. Here are a bunch of photos from the 2014 Long Island Figure Show.
  16. I'm currently working on a review of the Bronco Buffalo with slat armor for IPMS/USA. (Yes, I'm making progress on this.) My question concerns part G36. This a bottle shaped device behind what appears to be an air conditioning unit (parts B16 & 17 and four F19's) located behind the last seat on the driver's side. It looks like a fire extinguisher or an O2 tank. My questions: What is it? What color should it be? Thanks in advance.
  17. Mike Blank’s Best of Show –Historical Entry, Wings of Darkness. For many more images of the entries at this year;s MFCA, please click here: MFCA 2014
  18. Thanks, Edward. I bought this from Chuck at The Red Lancer at either the Long Island Show or MFCA, The website is http://www.redlancers.com/ When I've ordered from them online, the order has gotten to me in a few days to a week, from PA to MA.
  19. Here is the United Empires Miniatures 1/10 bust of the Seneca war chief Kaintwakon ( Cornplanter or By What One Plants) and by his given name John Abeel, Jr., as sculpted by Carl Reid. Kaintwkon was the son of a white father and a Seneca woman, and given the matriarchal lineage of the Senecas, was considered a member of the tribe. He lived from about 1750 to 1836 He fought with the British in both the French and Indian (Seven Years) War and in the American Revolution. In later life he maintained contact with the Quakers but became disillusioned with the treatment of his people by the Americans. The bust is based on a painting done in 1796 by Frederic Bartoli. Various reprinting show different shades to the clothing and feathers. The bust, seen at the link below is painted in Vallejo and other acrylics with ModelMaster Aluminum Buffing Metalizer in the silver jewelry and presented on a base from Birch Tree Enterprises of Long Island. Kaintwakon
  20. Photos from & Wheels Modelers' Valleycon 24. This is not an inclussive set of photos but captures about 2/3 of the entries.
  21. Thanks guys. Edward, Parts list: Powder horn, haversack. right arm, blanket roll. musket/left hand, roach/feathers, beaded plume, left arm, head/torso, two musket strap parts. two earrings. hatchet handle One of the straps may have been missing or lost and I replaced it with lead foil. There was length of fine solder for the powder horn holder. I uses elastic thread instead and used a bit of the solder for the cap holder. There were minor gaps at the arm/shoulder connections that were easy to fill and a small mold line on the shoulders. The lower part of the blanket has strapping molded in place, but it didn't seem to connect to anything so I corrected this with a bit of foil. I thinned the earrings and added them with some of the solder. The hatchet handle was too long for my base so I cut that to size.
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