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  1. We're pulling together our post-show summary and formatting new web pages now. The board meets Monday night to review everything show related and stuff will be up very shortly thereafter. I had NO persoanal role in the judging process, but know that there were a COUPLE ties awarded, and those were for third place. These were certainly rare exceptions in the grand scheme of things. I've reviewed the competition handbook and scanned this forum for definitive information regarding ties, but can find little concrete information. As best I can determine from what's here, ties are not permitted in the national competition. I don't see anything that specifically bans the practice for locals or regionals. I now see more chapters adopting open standard G,S,B awards in both classes of show, which would be a functional equivalent of ties, so there at least appear to be more flexibility and discretion left to host chapters at these levels of competition. We don't require members to win a local show award to qualify for a regional, or win a regional award to compete in the national, so I'd imagine there would be. If I missed something, and someone has specific information in terms of a published rule or guideline they can point to, by all means post it here.
  2. Not sure why that was the case. Had an exchange with and sent an email copy of our flyer to steve@masscar before that show, at which time he listed our event on the Masscar calendar. It's still showing on their web site. Steve indicated that flyers would be put out at Masscar, but didn't say how many. I'm sorry if they didn't get out or catch up with you.
  3. Can't access the Bay Colony web site and forum registration seems to be disabled, so I don't have full context to answer this post. There were over 500 models on the tables and autos were certainly amongst them, though participation by that particular segment was admittedly light. All I can tell you is that our event was actively posted and promoted in every major hobby group, automotive group, and auto hobby magazine forum, and either posted on every car club calendar or communicated directly to every local modelers club with an email address we could identify. Try as we might, the one thing we CAN'T do is MAKE auto modelers turn out. On Long Island, they appear to prefer participating in their own circuit shows for whatever reason. It might have something to do with IPMS judging rules and 1-2-3 awards, though I'm not at all familiar enough with the local car clubs, car club standards or show procedures to accurately speculate on that..
  4. Doesn't seem that this forum generates as many look-sees as others, so I'm going to concentrate my updates from here to show time on the Kitmaker network site. For the latest news and info, go to the events forum at http://armorama.com
  5. You've got to love it when a plan starts to come together. We've pretty much exhausted our supply of SIXTY vendor table placements at this point. Show attendees can expect some good variety and deals. Despite the down economy, select vendors are stepping up with donations of some very nice raffle prizes from airbrushes to hold and fold sets. Thanks go out to Iwata Medea, Grex, Flexi-file, Floyd Werner, The Small Shop, Xuron Tools and others for your support in these hard times. Thanks also go out to IPMS Northeast NY and IPMS CT/Yankee for their added sponsorship contributions. Tons of publicity has been posted to drive traffic. If the weather continues to hold up as well as it has, this should be a very memorable Regional. Please come, tell your friends and bring lots of plastic "jewelry" for the competition tables.
  6. Just returned from another great MosquitoCon. Our Jersey friends really know how to throw a party! I would cordially invite all show exhibitors and attendees to bring that stuff to Long Island for the May 5-6 NoreastCon regional "shootout" so LI locals can be similarly treated to your fine, fine handiwork. Particularly LUV the BIG stuff that showed up for display at this and previous shows. THAT'S DEDICATION! Anyone with similar kinds or armor, artillery, ships or planes who'd like some spotlight space to show that stuff off here, please post back or contact us through the web site at http://lisms.org and we'll see what special arrangements we can make for you.
  7. STATUS REPORT A month to go, so we hope you're finishing those builds and getting your plans finalized. The LISMS has been busy promoting this NoreastCon hot and heavy in locall journals and on-line in an effort to build a big public turnout, and would very much like to treat those who arrive to tables full of models and great stuff to look at. Local TV is expected. You can check out some video from our last event on the club web site at http://lisms.org. Just click the "NoreastCon Central" link and scroll down. While there, you can download a current agenda from the attachments section just below the video. Looks good at this point that those in residence will get a live demonstration of a quad 50 in action (no firing, though). The Army Guard is also expected to have an armored Humvee on hand, and some other antique armor may be rolling in as a complement to the museum's own stock. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather. We have some BIG kits to raffle off Sunday, and a growing pile of conventional stuff. 50 tables of vendors are accounted for thus far. A sincere thanks fo the following IPMS Chapters who have stepped up to sponsor trophy packages. We know times are tough, but would hope to add more names to the show banner from Region 1. It's a good way to "participate" show your club flag, promote IPMS and support the regional even if your members can't physically attend. Step up and step in if you can. Our sincere thanks to ... IPMS Central Pennsylvania PMS Granite State Modelers IPMS Niagara Frontier Chapter IPMS NJ IPMS Northern Virginia Modelers IPMS Rochester More coming. Stay tuned!
  8. NOREASTCON NOTATIONS This spring’s May 5th and 6th NoreastCon is now on the horizon, and the time has arrived for those with plans to actively participate in or support the show to start finalizing them. Here are a few items that we respectfully ask you consider and pass along to your membership at meetings this month. With your help, we hope to make this regional one of the best yet, and ensure that EVERY club in Region 1 is represented in some form. Thank you for your consideration, and for help already extended in the form of sponsorships and promotion of this event your web sites and at your shows. Please keep it up! BUS TRANSPORTATION POSSIBILITIES Nothing would please us more than seeing a solid turnout of modelers bridging the state of New York and our northeast neighbors at this year’s NoreastCon Scale Model Show and Contest. Without representation from a broad geographic area, the concept of REGIONAL competition is lost, and nothing but the symbolism of the name remains. We realize that the cost to travel has increased and are doing all we can to push them down. Links to multiple discount lodging arrangements have already been posted on the Long Island Scale Model Society’s web site at http://lisms.org. That leaves transit. One of the most economical and practical ways to get to this year’s show might be by bus. There are many charter services operating in the region that offer a wide range of coach transportation from vans to luxury buses, along with flexible scheduling. Point-to-point solo runs can readily be arranged, and with a bit of coordination between chapters, “model-mobile” express trips that combine stops in Niagara/Rochester/Syracuse/Albany or Boston/Stratford/Hudson Valley/Northern NJ route can be set up. Here’s a link to an electronic “dispatch” service for the tri-state area for clubs that may wish to explore available rates and options and discounts that can be arranged through centralized booking. Charter Bus Service Link IPMS chapters interested in coordinating combined charter runs between your location and Farmingdale, NY are welcome to drop a line to the Long Island Scale Model Society at info@lisms.org for booking assistance, logistical support at destination or promotional assistance via the world wide web. The Long Island Scale Model Society would be pleased to help where we can. ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO PARTICIPATE Here are a couple ideas to consider if time, distance, expense, finances or scheduling precludes your membership from attending NoreastCon 2012 as a group. There are two ways you can alternatively show your state flag and fly your club logo at this year’s regional competition. CONSIDER A DELEGATE If your membership and club treasury can support it, consider running a vote, contest, drawing, raffle or nomination amongst yourselves that provides a subsidy for one or two members to represent your club as a delegate. Your designated representative can enter models for other non-attending club members at discount, and thus ensure your club’s representation on our display tables. We’ve taken this approach to regional representation at the Long Island Scale Model Society itself, and the concept has proven popular, effective and affordable. CONSIDER A SPONSORSHIP You can still have a noteworthy presence at NoreastCon even if you unfortunately can’t send any model-builders. An awards sponsorship will ensure prominent placement of your logo on show banners, in handouts and throughout our web pages, along with a heartfelt thank you announcement during the annual awards ceremony. In return for your support, the Long Island Scale Model Society would also be pleased to distribute information you’d like to show attendees and reciprocate when you run a regional of your own. Presently under consideration are “Best Virtual Awards” for sponsoring clubs that can’t attend NoreastCon, with nominees and award winners displayed as digital images in a dedicated on-line gallery. Additional information will be distributed as development proceeds, but you can ensure your club’s eligibility to participate now with a sponsorship pledge. Please visit our web site at http://lisms.org or write president@lisms.org to make arrangements.
  9. A MUST-SEE EVENT FOR HOBBYISTS, HISTORIANS, ARTISTS, CRAFTSMEN, COLLECTORS, STUDENTS, SOLDIERS AND VETS! Fans of American history can get a fun, entertaining, miniature glimpse into our past at “NoreastCon 2012”, Long Island’s largest scale model show of the year. Sponsored by the Long Island Scale Model Society, this TWO-DAY regional event kicks off at 9am Saturday, May 5, 2012 and concludes May 6 at approximately 5:00 pm. The show will be housed in a unique venue – Farmingdale, NY’s American Airpower Museum hanger. You’ll find hundreds of models on exhibit, in some cases right next to their full-size inspirations. There will be ample opportunity to take in the exhibits, movies, seminars and activities surrounding the event or to shop the almost 60 tables of kits and hobby supplies offered by our vendors. Raffles, re-enactors in uniform and free model-building clinics for children will add to the fun and excitement. Food trucks and more will be on hand. We’ll also be collecting old kits and non-perishable sundries for donation to VA clinics and troops serving overseas. Here are some basic details: NoreastCon Scale Model Show and Contest Location, Dates and Admission American Airpower Museum Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th, 9am to 5pm 1230 New Highway Farmingdale, NY 11735 For current and complete news, contact data or ticket, contest and admission information, Check out our newly "renovated" club web site at http://lisms.org and download your flyers, circulars and registration forms. Please use this forum to let us know you're coming, and what we can do to make things better and easier for you after you arrive. We're listening, and look forward to the prospect of having you with us for the competition fun!
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