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  1. Good activity! Hope you have some great fun. And yes, share the results. Do you think we will one day have real ships with sci-fi designs?
  2. Actually, this is a real space tug from the Skyrora rocket building company. And recently, ground tests have been successfully carried out. There are several videos on the net. If I try hard, I can make something that looks like a real space tug. It looks like this device could become one of the first space tugs to operate.
  3. Did someone make a model of a space tug? For example, such as in the picture. Where are you looking for blueprints? What difficulties can I expect? Can I get by with just photos and renders?
  4. Actually, I already made a cardboard model over the weekend. Unfortunately, I cannot attach a photo. The phone died. This does not cause the desire to make the model from more interesting materials. Maybe I need to paint it ... I'll try to make a rocket model next weekend. It shouldn't be very difficult
  5. Good job! Excellent detail. Working with foil takes patience. It hardly makes sense to look for a more suitable material at such sizes. It's great when people do things that please them and also inspire others.
  6. Then it won't be unique. Although it's still interesting. Thanks for the link. I'll try to make a paper one. If I like it, then I'll try to make it from other materials. Thanks for the idea. I found another company that is testing small multipurpose space tugs. It may turn out to make a model of real dimensions.
  7. I am interested in the space theme, but making models of rockets is trivial. I would like to try making my own satellite. Or a space tug. Or another payload for a rocket. Maybe someone has done something similar already? I will be grateful. I like Sentinel-6. But maybe it has already been done, I would not like to repeat it.
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