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  1. Thank you Stikpusher, and yes I'm quite satisfied. And glad I didn't have to do a three color camo on top of everything else. And sure the Tamiya 1/48 line seem to be amazing, you shake the box and it's almost done (except for all those wheels that needs tidying up and painting lol. )
  2. Hi all, Like a challenge so I joined a 48 hour group build the other weekend, and decided to go for a Tamiya 1/48 Sherman "Easy Eight". First time ever I built a tank. And first time in a time limited group build. The part count was a little .... high for a 48 hour build. But the kit is just great. See the result here: And the build here: Please hit the like button, and leave your comment.
  3. Broke off one of the cannons and the carpet monster had hold of it for a good five minutes (and I don't even have a carpet).
  4. Join the fun in the group build! https://m.facebook.com/groups/768177827442467/?tsid=0.5155597116066883&source=result
  5. Plastic Posse Podcast has started a new group build, Tie Fighters of any make or scale. I've joined with a Revell Tie Interceptor in 1/90 scale. I documented the start in this video: Now on to some painting....
  6. This is what the original looks like, G-ACDC.
  7. Working on Airfix 1/72 Tiger Moth. The seams on the panels of the flying surfaces are quite visible on the actual aircraft. I made an attempt on the stabiliser to see if I could mimick these with some alu tape. See attached picture where half is done. I'm thinking it is too much, too bold. What is the opinion of the experienced people in the forum? Should I continue or redo? I can't cut the tape thinner. Thanks for your input and views. // Viktor
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