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  1. Hasegawa is notorious for ejector pin marks. It’s just something that we modelers have to deal with and overcome. It kind of adds to the challenge. To take something imperfect and make it look good.
  2. Beautiful! Serious detail. That is museum piece right there! Great job! 👍
  3. Thank you. I’m going to get some good pictures of my work and post them. After such a long time out of the hobby, I was shocked that I still had the skill. Mind you it’s not perfect, but I’m getting close. Nothing is perfect I guess. All I know is that this is the craft I got into when I was 10, and it feels pretty good now.
  4. Glad I found IPMS. Just back into scale aircraft after being out of it for 20 years. So far I have built an A-10 and a P-51 in 1/48 scale. A B-52G is next. I actually worked on one in the USAF. Anyway, it’s great to be here!
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