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  1. You know a smart guy would just walk away from the keyboard now....but as all of us know, I am not very smart. Food for thought...... Why is there no National organization for Car/Automotive modelers? There was the Model Car Club of America (MCCA) in the 1980s (I was a member), Automotive Modelers Society (AMS) in the late 1980s and the 1990s (I was a National Eboard member of them). Both of these are long gone. I wonder why.........(I actually know but will keep that to myself). Interesting that IPMS has outlasted both of them. Another odd thought.....we have had IPMS USA members writing for Scale Auto Enthusiast (now called Scale Auto). We have had car modelers who win at our IPMS nationals also winning at places like GSL, and various NNL events. We have had nationally known car modelers become IPMS USA judges. Personal history...in the early 1990s, a couple of friends and I put on a local model show. I had a guy come up and want a category for his 57 chevys. I told him that if he would 1) judge an automotive category and 2) sponser the category-- I would be happy to. He said "HECK NO! I'm not going to pay for trophys. I don't want to get involved with that, I came here to have fun...not to work" In my years, I found this the norm, not the exception. Also at more that one local car modeling show I volunteered to judge, or used to anyway. At more that one (actually many) I had fellow judges say (paraphrasing here) I know this guy, he does good work. He put $100 of aftermarket on it and look at that shine. I then pointed out that the car did not have all 4 wheels touching the ground and there was glue globs on the distributer and around the windshield as well as ejector pin marks everywhere. Undaunted they awarded the guy an award. So....how do we bridge this gap? I am a car guy and tried to---I am not sure it can be.
  2. Well, our treasurer is a female and a modeler. In fact she is more prolific a modeler than her husband (sorry dude). Here in Region 5 in the 90s we had an excellent woman modeler, but her name escapes me. She was in the Air Guard and built some breathtaking superdetailed modern fighters and won many an award. I also was at a National about 6 or so years ago and when picking up my model, I noticed a lovely lady picking up her model, a ship. It had a big plaque and I said your husband did well. She smiled and said that was my model. Sheepishly I congradulated her. Man or woman, the ship was very nice.
  3. Absolutely....he was a fan of racing, modeling, railroading and spent most of his adult life in the modeling industry.....Godspeed Bill.....
  4. Sorry I have been MIA. I sent ya a pm. I will turn our chapter loose on gathing sprue.
  5. I'll make you an offer you cannot refuse....unless you have all that you need. At our Chapter's April meeting I will have all our members bring their excess sprue to the meeting. I will send it to you if........ You make a $10 or more donation to the Make & Take Program.........and I will match whatever donation you make......... Mike George IPMS Gateway Chapter Contact
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