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    Mostly armor. Some aircraft.
  1. We must have talked before...but please bear with me, they tell me the memory is the first thing to go🤫 . I'm at the east end of Mesa in a nice little tucked away corner surrounded by parks and lots of greenery. I live within a few blocks of my favorite places (Sonic, Home Depot, Jack-in-the-Box, Harbor Freight, Popeye's, Del Taco, Filiberto's). Gas and pretty much everything is cheap. Loving it so far. I'll try to post my M48 and M60 that are in the works. Take care, Tony
  2. Thanks, Carlos. I'm actually living in Phoenix now, BTW.
  3. Hah! Preposterous. Nothing is too expensive... As long as my wife doesn't find out. Actually, I like the way Pete frames his answer around relativity. Between a large stash, lots of reference material and aftermarket "stuff", I'm sure I've spent "too much". But my hobbies before modeling were drag racing, muscle cars (primarily 67-68 Camaros) and building (and rebuilding) race engines, transmissions and rear ends...and all the associated tools and space. When kids started to come along (4), I had to change hobbies. So the expense of modeling in (mostly) 1/35th scale, relati
  4. Tony Alvarez here. I hope all is well. Nice start, Carlos. I look forward to seeing the engine detailing. When is the completion date for the SoCal AMPS Patton Tank Series? Thanks.
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