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  1. I hear Gorats is pretty good. Isn't that where Warren Buffett hosts his yearly company (I forget the name of it) meeting?
  2. I just thought it was a good movie. I really didn't get into the details of the U-2. I don't understand why on forums like this that if it is a plane, ship, armor, or car, in a movie, that can be modeled, that people will tear it apart. It was a good movie had good actors and actresses. Why can it not be left at that?
  3. I got the seaplane too in my registration packet. Thank you Phil for posting the instructions! And, also for the painting guide! I do have to ask, as I am a ship modeler, would it be okay to put the clear parts in the airplane with Micro Kristal Kleer or just put the whole plane together without the clear parts and then take a q-tip or a toothpick or something of the like and make the windows with Kristal Kleer only that way? I do like Micro Kristal Kleer for making windows on my ships.
  4. I got the Airfix Boeing Model 314 too! I can't find any decals, either, but, its really neat!
  5. Hello there! I have a few questions about this build.. First, it looks like you have used resin engines. Who is the manufacturer and where can one get them? Second, how thick is the styrene sheet you used in addition to the plug on the left side forward sponson? And, how thick are those on the right side forward sponson? I followed your earlier C-130H build to model a Tulsa herc as I am from Oklahoma. It turned out well and I enjoyed it! Thank you so much for your time and help!
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