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  1. Hello, today I made my first cast of the deep intake for the Platz/Italeri X-47B in 1/72. The parts are rebuilt parts of the original kit with an additional fan for the F110 engine. They need only little work for removing the casting seams. Orders can be done via, PM or facebook. PS: The next item will be the Nozzle and the APU exaust. cheers Alex
  2. New item! Epidexipteryx hui in 1/72 If You sculpt the smallest known dinosaur (skeleton lenght) in 1/72, You get the smallest known dinosaur model in the world. Epidexipteryx sits in a big brachiosaurid track pond and takes a bath. Beside a dramatic scene happens somewhere in the direction of the track. A Theropod of the size of a Yangchuanosaurus followed the sauropod (track upper right).
  3. Salute! The next items are: Dracorex hogwartia in 1/72 looking for Mr. Potter in the rocky terrain of the Rocky Mountains. The kit has 15 parts. 1 base, 1 body, 1 foot, 2 arms and a couple of spikes. Stygimoloch spinifer in 1/72 Stygimoloch is probably identical with Pachycephalosaurus and Dracorex with Pachycephalosaurus as the adult stage. I have chosen the Muskox (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muskox) as paintjob reference. The kit has 15 parts. 1 base, 1 body, 1 foot, 2 arms and a couple of spikes. Microraptor gui in 1/72 inspecting a nest hole. Because Microraptor is quite micro in this scale, it is sculpted to the tree. The kit has 2 parts. 1 base and the tree trunk. cheers, Alex
  4. And once again a new "beast" has left my production garage. Protoceratops andrewsi, 1/72, Mixvs Minimax ..is watching its nest. Its again a small 2-parts kit. One base (with casted legs) and the body. Paintjob-reference is the Springbok (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Springbok). BTW, this kind of camo (bright downside, sand/brown upside with contrast-stripe between) seems to be witespread in the recent fauna. Hi everybody, Last weekend I looked at my Velociraptor and thought: Thats a damn boring base! Thats a predator and let's place it's kill under it's feet. What a luck, that I have finished Velociraptor's prey (Protoceratops). cheers, Alex
  5. Hi everybody, the mentioned kits of Coelophysis and Velociraptor are finished and ready for production: Velociraptor mongolensis, 1/72 - Preparing for attack. (The fingers have to be cutted to lenght from the provided wire.) PS: Painting refers to Maned Wolf. And now it becomes nasty: Coelophysis has the eye of a Placerias....in its hands. PS: Painting refers to Spotted Hyena.
  6. Here we go with the finished master of Placerias gigas, 1/72 - a late triassic Dicynodont. The next one will be Protoceratps.
  7. Hi hi hi my drugies! There is a new item in the portfolio: Coelophysis bauri, 1/72 Coelophysis pulls an eye from a shortly passed by young Placerias.
  8. @Roktman: I think I will have done it at the end of the year. In the moment I need to clear my modelling table from other models. But Velociraptor is almost ready. The bases are already done. Velociraptor stands in dry stram bed and Proto takes position to defend his nest. Unfortunately they lived in very dry areas, so there are not so much choices to desing the base. Proto needs some more work at the legs and the head.
  9. My Velociraptor is on his way. I had to make a break. But I also start modling its main prey-Protoceratops. There is a found, where a Velociraptor and a Protoceratops killed each other. My scene will show the 1st stage of the fight: Checking each others strenght. @Paul: Thanks. :-) Purple dinos go home!
  10. The next step: Meanwhile I start fill the nose shape with with Milliput.
  11. Here we go: The main problem was in the first step to find something like a pipe with the right diameter which can be used for the fuselage. I took me some time to it find but finally I found the matching thing in the warehouse. A duster. It has the right diameter and is glueable. The wings and fins are made from 2 mm hard plastic (also from the warehouse, but unfortunately its not offered anymore) which where sanded to get the profil for the later covering with sheet or PE. The "random" is a cast from a F-104G. The formers are done and some of them will be cut out for the nose wheel bay. The first 2 formers from right will disapear in the fuselage to help to get it straight. The 3rd has the same diameter like pipe outline. The next problem is the intake. The outside is the inside of the wheel bay. That can be get tricky when I start to detail it. Before that I can't close the intake with engine parts ( intake scratch, noozle Eduard). The intake is inside formed with formers and miliput and the colorfull plastic-thing is taken from a yoghurt cup. I heated it up with a soldering iron to get it in shape.
  12. Salve! Maybe someone has already ssen this. But anyway, 4 years ago I finished my 10 years old scratch built projekt of an E-10 and the scratch-building kept going the freaky way with the diorama. The tank is scratch built with a little use of kit bashing and has a complete interior, scratch of course. The freaky thing with the diorama is, that the leaves are printed on (60-80 g) transparent paper and scissored piece by piece. It took me severeal month to cut the at least 3000 leafs out and I don't think, that I will cut so much leaves again piece by piece, but the result looks too cool. Here we go: The interior: The granades are from Tamiya, the floor is an etched "channeled sheet" from Aber. The canon: Grey parts are taken from Dragon's Hetzer. Completed Interior: Note the back side of the seat. The roof: The yellow resin part is a cast from Revells Jagdtiger. Its matches perfectly. The scmall resin parts are casts from Dragon's Hetzer. Details outside: Again the yellow parts are casts. The wheels are casts from Revell's Jagdtiger. They shall show that it might be easier to use existing material instead of developing new wheels. The small supporting wheel is a taken from a late Panzer IV. The "turning wheel" is from Friul. The Drahtgeflechtsch├╝rzen are taken from a flat sieve, which is used to cover the pot to prevent fat drops messing Your kitchen. PE-Parts are taken from Abers late-Hetzer Set. The tracks are from an Dragon Panzer IV track-set. The Notek-Scheinwerfer is a Tamiya part. Painting: The finished tank: The Figures The turtle is a stud, the fishes and bird are scratch built. El Commandante (all men are from Dragon) Diorama Acer platanoides (left) and Acer pseudoplatanus (right). in summary around 3000 leaves and around 50000 times shnipshnap with the scissor.... It took me 3 months. In that time I watched 200 episodes of a broadcast where a german astrophysic-professor explains the universe very cleary. Effekt of single cutted and assembled transparent leaves Here are some pics, showing the whole ensemble. Its not under sunlight, but it looks pretty damn like that. Salve!
  13. F6U? That fits! The landing gar wheels could be taken from a F-84.
  14. Salve! I am planning to scratch the elegant Regulus II. I couldn't identify the wheels yet. I guess that the wheels where taken from existing planes. The nose wheel looks like an early F-8A nose wheel. Does anyone knows more about? (the pics linking to primeportal MQM-15)
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