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    1960s to present armor
  1. Have you considered scaling up from one of the available 1/35 scale kits ? Seems like a good alternative . Sean
  2. Allied hobbies was mine as well but the "Bazaar of all nations" location in Clifton Heights PA. I imagine my Dad took me there the first time but I convinced my Mom to drive me there pretty much every week thereafter. Man, what a great place ! This was about '88 or so and I imagine they'd must have been there since the place opened in the mid '60s as it seemed to be crammed floor to ceiling with piles of dusty kits. After the bazaar closed they bounced around to other local shopping centers before i finally lost track of them. Sean
  3. good topic ! I work 6 to 2 with about a 40 min. drive so if I can get myself up at 4 I'll get a good hour in of work. Even if it means only making a part or two and gluing them together I keep reminding myself it's progress. Baby steps! With the start of a new school year I can sometimes sneak in an hour or so before everyone is home and the night time routine begins. Sean
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