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  1. Doing a Block 60 -16? Think they call it a "Sufa" in Israel...
  2. "Netz". Means "hawk" in Hebrew,
  3. I've just moved to shooting acrylics with an airbrush and I've heard of this stuff being shot on as a sealer. What does it do and does it come off easily?
  4. I'm south of Fort Worth, the local Hobby Lobby tries, but they generally don't stock the stuff I need. So, I usually order directly from Testors. I've also kind of gotten away from enamels and into acrylics. Funny story on that, my son likes to repaint his GI Joe vehicles and acrylics covered in an sealer wear pretty good, but enamels don't.
  5. I build clean. Yeah, I know...
  6. Entering back into the hobby after a very long hiatus. I'm 40, haven't done a build since I was about 19. My dad and I used to build together and now I'm getting my nine-year-old son into it. Got back into the hobby about a month ago when my Dad handed over his entire collection to sell on eBay, he's getting too old and realized he wasn't into it anymore and was hanging on to all of his stuff with no intention of ever working on it, but he told me I could keep whatever I wanted and sell the rest. So, now I have a metal cabinet full of kits and a shop to work on them and a son to teach. He's homeschooled, so this is kind of his art class. I pretty much build OOB and clean. I'm here to learn as much as I can so I can teach my son as well. Thanks to all, and I hope y'all are patient, because I'm still kind of learning.
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