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  1. Even though I am not a prop guy, or even a RAF fan - the early Spitfires were just beautiful.
  2. The May 9 episode of The Simpsons, "Moe Letter Blues", during the "couch" intro sequence showed one of the main characters building a "Revvel" model kit of The Simpsons on the couch. Complete with parts-tree separation, over-glue-application, painting and then required firecracker explosion. As soon as it is posted on Fox I will link it. (Ironically not 3 minutes into the episode a model train reference is also supplied.)
  3. Page 10, January 2009 SAMI. Jan 27, 2009, 1:34pm CT. Be still my beating heart. If it has positionable flaps (leading and trailing) PLUS spoiler detail - I will die a happy man.
  4. I just got my new Fine Scale Modeler. I open it up and there is a new announcement about a Hasegawa 1/48 E-2 (2000). While I love all things Navy - and I was very happy (I'll probably buy two, and BTW anyone want to buy a Collect-Aire Kit?), I can't help but wonder what would sell more. An E-2 or a new 1/48 B-17? In the same issue is a review of the Trumpeter C-47 in 1/48. Hello? B-24 anyone? I don't get it. I need some change I can believe in.
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